Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's People's Choice Time....

Ok,here's the boss told me about this nationaly recognised contest that I could send something station-related into. It's called the Telly Awards
The only things I amde this year for LynnCAM,or really in general,I think could have a shot at winning are the ads I made up for the spirit this past season.

Below is a playlist containing the 5 ads I made.....I'd like it if you could all help me in deciding the best to send in. Let me know which one gets your guys' pick as the best,I figure if anyone can pick the best-it'll be you guys,the biggest fans!


PS: I have until March 7th (my birthday! ^_^) to send it in,so it's no big deal right now.....but will be soon =p


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Definitely the first one. It's shorter, tighter, and the music isn't ubiquitous.

Anonymous said...

Championship series, couple examples of good plays, some commentation from broadcasters adn timely music track.

Anonymous said...


We like the playoff ones. Hope this helps you!!

Joshua & Allyson

DaveCo said...

It sort of does guys,thanks.
Which one out of the two do you like more though?

Anonymous said...

Playoff ones all the way...your choice! :)

Anonymous said...

My first game will be Sat. evening June 7th! LOL :) I am so glad that a team will be there. :)

DaveCo said...

The majority of people (you guys and people I've asked) seem to like the first and last ones.

So I think it may be between those two.
I myself thought it MAY come down to them two.....but I'm still open to people's opinions =]

And great Dave,see ya there ^_^

Anonymous said...

That's plenty of time to review Dave's portfolio. It's mid-winter. We need a new topic. How about the hiring of Richie Hebner to assist Rick Miller up in Nashua? Another cheap ploy, Wooden? Or a marketing coup to attract fans from a wider area? These guys are not expected to have Butch Hobson's stage presence (or flair for the dramatic) but they may grow into it.


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Nah, hiring Hebner's a legit move by the Pride -- he's been a hitting coach in professional baseball, including the majors. Claiming that Nashua's search for a new GM was "thorough" was, however, quite disingenuous.

Some have tried (weakly) to point out the obvious -- that there was no interest from qualified folks in running a club that nearly folded -- to defend the move, but why lie in the first place?

Sadly, without those five words (after conducting a thorough search) the press release was fine, but as they teach freshmen in in public relations, one mistake is all it takes to ruin your chance to control the news.