Friday, April 04, 2008

A Fond Farewell

Our good friend Spike sent me an e-mail today......this is the conents of it:

John asked me to mention this to the Faithful, but I haven't been on the blog for a while; David, would you please copy his letter there? As a Michigander, I replied that he will be one of the few migrant workers in that part of the state who is not picking cherries. And says that our PA announcer and away webcaster, Ken Cail, is moving to the Lowell Spinners to do the radio broadcast.

Hello friends,
Well after many months of pounding away at the job hunt, I'm happy to say that once again I am employed. I today accepted an offer to become the new play-by-play voice of the Kalamazoo Kings of the Frontier League. As all of you know, the North Shore Spirit went out of business after the 2007 season. It has been a long, stressful process (the job hunt) and this was the best offer out there. I will be leaving for Michigan on the 7th of May for the four month baseball season. I want to thank all of you for your great friendship and support. It's great to be back behind the mike again!!

The Kings will be on ESPN 1660 AM and all games will be streamed at Again thanks everyone and GO KINGS!!!
--John Leahy

I think I speak for everyone who frequents this blog when I say what I said in a comment in the previous post.....
John,it's been a pleasure to have known you throughout these past few years and listen to your broadcasts. The Kings have just aquired a great talent.
You'll be missed here John,thanks for what you did and hope you enjoy it there.


icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I'll miss you. I'll try to listen to you on the Internet sometimes. Email me and let me know how u r doing

John Leahy said...


I will miss you too. I hope you enjoy your summer. You are a very special young lady!!

All my best,

John Leahy