Friday, August 01, 2008

Manny To LA.....thoughts?

Me,Eric,and my family went up to Nashua for a game tonight. It was against Brockton and went into the 10th inning. Old friend Jamie Baker came in for Brockton for a couple of innings and held the Pride down....but they eventually played fundamental baseball and won the game on a walkoff single. It was fun up there,and me and Eric both enjoyed ourselves--I'd like to try to go to one more Can-Am game this summer before the season ends. Who's in? =]

Now......for some good discussion: What does everyone think of the Manny Ramirez trade?
Keep in mind that the Red Sox acquired outfielder Jason Bay from the Pirates and sent Manny to the Dodgers and outfielder Brandon Moss and RHP Craig Hansen to the Pirates in a three-team deal. While I think we should've got more then a decent outfielder out of all we gave up.......I'm pretty content with the trade.
It was evident he didn't want to play here the past few weeks and the mood in the clubhouse was definitly affected--and if the clubhouse is in a funk sometimes it carries over onto the field of play (wednesday night anyone?). Bay is a pretty good outfielder, and he is a decent hitter. He won't make up for Manny's bat in the order and won't make others fear him as bad-but at least he getds on base. At .282 Bay's hitting better then like half of the Sox,and has 64 RBI-making him 2nd on the team in that category. So he's a pretty good hitter,but like I said can't make up for what Manny brought.
Don't get me wrong,I love Manny. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have those trophys.......but now he was just another distraction the team didn't need,and it festered. I appreciate what he did and am happy he'll eventually go intot he hall of fame (anyone wanna disagree?) but this deal is good not only for the team,but for him too.

So when it's all said and done I'm happy we got the trade done and think Bay will do pretty good. So what do you guys think?


DaveCo said...

Great first day for Bay,huh?

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I'm back from camp & I finally updated my blogs. Check it out. I miss you guys.
Love Victroia