Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm alive

First of all, thanks, Dave, for that..uh...wonderful polka.

I'm here @ BC and I just tuned in to listen to a little of the game and here are my observations:

First (but least importantly) the Spirit have taken a 1-0 lead in the 6th inning and have two runners in scoring position with one out.

WHOA--- make that 3-0... de VRIES with a 2RBI double makes it 3-0!

Secondly, I thought this was pretty funny- the first three names I heard out of the mouth of Worcester's announcer were Morgan Brown, Jon de Vries, and JD Reinenger...ahh Labor Day CanAm League Baseball.

Who's pitching? He's kicking ass. UPDATE: It's Siak.. to which I say.. why?

Game over, Spirit win 3-0.. Siak goes 6 giving up 0 ER on 2 H, and Fitzgerald gets the save. Doesn't Kennedy know he's supposed to save the pitchers? Is he aware the playoffs start Wednesday?


SoSayethI2006 said...

Guess that Means Siak won't go until at least game 3.
I'm thinking Morse will get the nod in game 1 with Bishop following him.

Anonymous said...

--The Can-Am League website states that this morning or afternoon that Bryan Morse was placed on the DL (retroactive to 9/1). But John Leahy did not say so!!

--Jarrett Reininger was activated from the Disabled List.

SoSayethI2006 said...

They are presenting the Commonwealth Cup to the SPIRIT, I believe prior to game 2 out in Woostah.
Congatulations Boys on achieving Bay State Baseball Supremacy!.

SoSayethI2006 said...

You may just be seeing a roster "shuffle" to get wanted players in today's game. Watch for Brian to come off the DL 2 morrow, I hope!

Joe Grav said...

WTF. Now McNamara and Siak would both be on 3 days rest for game 3, meaning Trout or Smith for game 3?

Couldn't we have just forfeited this game

SoSayethI2006 said...

gotta admit, I don't quite get it either.
Skip gotta' have a plan though.
Maybe Smith IS slated for the 3rd game; has Quebec seen him yet this year?. That might be a factor but I am, of course speculating.

Joe Grav said...


Anonymous said...

Sam Smith has not seen Quebec.

Anonymous said...

In Game 1 of the playoffs Gabe Ribas starts for Quebec.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Morse has been announced as the 1st game starter vs. Ribas; a replay of last Thursday's game.

Anonymous said...

Bottom 7th - Game 2

8:57 --Andrew Wishy ties game with 2 run HR (3-3)

8:58 -- JD Reininger thrown out at 2nd. (1 out)

9:01 -- John Kennedy ejected. Tom Donahue is now acting manager.

9:02 -- Morgan Brown single.

Joe Grav said...

I feel safe in saying that an extra inning game is the LAST THING Kennedy wanted, except maybe an injury.

I just tuned in, who has pitched?

Joe Grav said...

Woo! We lost!

OK time for the playoffs

SoSayethI2006 said...

Go get Frenchy!
Hey John, what makes Joe so special?

John Leahy said...

All Spirit fans are special in my eyes.

DaveCo said...


Now it's also officially confuseing time too....what the hell is up with the changes to pitcher? I am not 100% sure,hell who is with ths team anymore,but I think now the rotation would be morse,bishop,smith,and have siak & mcnamara ptiching games 4 and 5,if needed. That still sounds pretty good,but why would he want to ptch Siak today? He could've gone with Trout and saved Siak for the playoffs. Unless Farley's coming back and is healthy then I don't see why. (HA! what a laugh,I sounded like Willy for a second...)

Hey Joe,what's the "Kennedy Ejection Count" at now? :D

PS: "Hey John, what makes Joe so special? "...did I miss something?

SoSayethI2006 said...

Thank You John,

Anonymous said...

It's notable that the intern did get the Game 1 lineups onto the Tornadoes' white board an hour before the game. I told her that there was a typo in "DeVrires" and she thanked me. However, after finishing her work, she said that's the way it was spelled in her print-out and she stuck with it.

The Tornadoes' on-field Joe Cool took ten minutes off during Game 2 to come on hard to the pert blond reporterette for Cable Access Channel 3. Finally, he (and the chanting crowd) tried to get her to put on his plaid sports jacket. She ran off and he turned his microphone back on and resumed working the crowd.

I see you are using my name when a reader cites statistics to excess! Okay, then, Wednesday and Thursday at Fraser will be #119 and #120 of 2006 for me. Hope to see you all then! PS--Joe Pascucci has spent a lot of time at Nashua and I've seen him behind the plate three times, though I haven't seen the plate, which he still won't brush, usually relying on the Pride bat-boy to clean with a towel.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

wow, did anyone else hear the tornado's announcer?

he said, almost word for word, that 'there is no doubt that north shore will win it all' and 'its just a matter of whether they will sweep the entire playoffs'

wow. lol. talk about respect.

wooden said...

Kennedy's had bad luck with tapering starters, so it's a safe bet that his rotation is Morse-Bishop-Smith and Siak for Game 4 if necessary. Look at the box scores the past 10 games, and you'll see what he's doing: Keeping guys on their regular turn.

Anonymous said...

Have you happened to see Smith in any of his outings. He is one heck of a pitcher!!! And no Farley will not be returning to the lineup. This pitching staff is the best I have seen since the Spirit's existence, and the odds are in their favor.
Go Spirit!!!

wooden said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what the Spirit can do with a healthy Vic Davilla -- most folks forget he was unavailable for Games 1-4 of the '04 NELCS