Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Okay folks... it's time.

It's playoff time everybody. Come Wednesday at 6:05 PM, all of the good things the Spirit have done this season will be moot- it'll be a clean slate and time for a major showdown with Les Capitales de Quebec.

Game 1 will be Bryan Morse v. Gabe Ribas. After that is anyone's guess right now.

This is the place to leave news regarding pitching matchups, hearsay, mindless banter, thoughtful predictions, rah-rah cheerleading, or French-bashing trash talking.

Let's start it up!!!




Joe Grav said...

Joe's ODDS

1:5 Spirit win this series.

EVEN Spirit win this series in a sweep.

EVEN Quebec and LaPlante will do something infuriating and uncalled for that will make us hate them even more (somehow).

5:2 During game 3, our good friend Mr. Leahy will describe the goose-eggs on the scoreboard in place of the zeroes, and will tell us the French words for "Ball," "Strike," and "Out"

4:1 Less than 2,000 people will be at game 1

50:1 Michel La Plante pitches in the series

1000000:1 Morgan Brown plays in the series

DaveCo said...



RustyKuntz said...

what's with the time change? why make it more difficult for working folks to get to the game in time? is this some bullcrap imposed by the powers that be at the Lynn city hall?
and how in the world does Quebec get home field advantage? the spirit did end up with the best overall record right? i don't see the logic here

TonyTheTiger20 said...
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TonyTheTiger20 said...

oh, dude, i had no idea about the time change. that sucks such a royal amount of ASS.

im really gonna have some trouble getting to this game...

ps removed the other post cause of horrid typos. this is basically the same thing.

wooden said...

Nobody's commenting on the "postponement" of the 2nd game in Quebec yesterday? You guys don't believe that was legit, do you?

Joe Grav said...

Of course not, but what can we do about it, other than kick the shit out of Les Caps

DaveCo said...

the time change for tomorrow's game and thursday's game is in order to allow the kids of the city to get to the game and get back early enough to get some rest.

I myself think there shouldn't be a time change. But whatever,I'm not in the front office.

I also don't get how Quebec got home field advantage....I blame Wolff. :-p

I hope to meet ya at one of the games Grant,ya seem like a cool guy. I'd only be able to meet ya before or after the game though. Channel 3 has me booked as their audio guy all playoff games.

Anonymous said...

The Pitching matchups are:

Game 1: Morse vs. Jorge Perez
Game 2: Bishop vs. Keith Dunn
Game 3: Smith vs. Gabe Ribas

Joe Grav said...

d00d, ditch lynncam for now, seriously.

SoSayethI2006 said...

I would like to place a $500.00 bet on Morgan Brown playing in the series. At 1,000,000:1 I'll be able to buy my VERY OWN baseball team.
I will run both a Thirsty Thurday, as well as a RED SOX vs. Yankees night; but not on the SAME night.
How galactically stupid was that?.

PS. I would like to kick Michel LaPlante in the shin.

wooden said...
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wooden said...

Here's the log