Monday, September 11, 2006

It all comes down to this

Game 5. Tonight, 7:05 PM. The season rests on the shoulder of Matt Bishop.

There are no other words.

Discuss the game.

And hope.


benoit emond said...

go get'em boys. i want to be in brockton tomorrow night.

John Leahy said...

To all,

Tonight`s game will be aired at 10 PM on tape delay on 1510 The Zone.

Anonymous said...

John, I appreciate the schedule news; I'll try to hear you in N.H. tonight--but I won't score the game as I did yesterday. Your recaps made scoring possible, but you were being CHARITABLE when you said bad phones were the reason I had to wade through literally TWENTY consecutive commercials (including THREE for Monahan Lumber) instead of the top of the first, in order to discover what the hell was going on! My version: You (and your audience) were screwed big time by your producer back at 1510. Whatever the station's deal with the Spirit, this shows contempt for the listener on the part of 1510.

(Nitpick: Despite the disruption, you were consistent in giving series H/AB for Les Capitales, but less so for the Spirit.)

To the cynical response in the previous thread: I think Wolff's thinking on the playoff format is to maximize the chance that the deciding game of the year is played at the home of the winner. I welcome any corrections. Heard a guest on the broadcast say it will surely be reconsidered this winter.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

isnt the first home game in north shore if we win?

anyway, crossin' those fingers. ill be watching updates on, however. i wont like the suspense of waiting.

by the way, heard ur broadcast for the first time last night, john. quite solid.

Joe Grav said...

wait you have to be shitting me john


Joe Grav said...

we need live online streaming!

Joe Grav said...

i am several degrees beyond apeshit. this is the last straw.i am done with 1510 the zone. if the spirit don't find a new statoin next year i'll just listen to the webcasts of our opposition.

unfortunately in this case it's in french..

DaveCo said...

OMFG! If it's just a tralk show there is NO EXCUSE for deklaying the 5TH GAME OF A PLAYOFF SERIES THAT DECIDES A TEAM'S SEAOSN!

I'm apeshit as well....but I will try to follow updates on the can-am site and if I'm not sickened enough I'll listen to the tape delay.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

yeah im gonna [[[attempt]]] to listen to quebec's too.

Anonymous said...

the "zone" sucks.
I've said it all year and believed John "the bullshit artist" Leahy and took him @ his word re: no more delayed broadcasts this year.
Thanks for nothin' John; and GOOD FUCKING BYE.
Can't wait to listen to flyfishing the antarctic with Wolfy Weisenheimer, gee sounds like fun.

Fuck You and Your tape delayed bullshit.

Joe Grav said...

I hate to say it but I agree with you...

someone needed to stand up for the Spirit fans and demand live online streaming and that should have been you mr. leahy.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

yikes. tension.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

parlez-vous les GODDAMMITTTTTTT!!!!!

i REALLY should have paid attention in french more