Sunday, September 10, 2006


So it's all going to come down to game five, with Shawn McNamara on the mound. What a stunning state of affairs after the way we've owned the league this season.... God, I can't even fathom choking like this...

The Spirit took a 2-0 lead in the 6th inning on solo HRs by Chris Rowan and Antoin Gray, but a bottom of the 6th meltdown that I fortunately did not listen to did in the Spirit and victimized Bryan Morse. The Caps scored 4 runs on just 2 hits as the Spirit made two errors.

Dennis Robinson was charged with the last two runs and got the loss.

JC Huguet pitched seven solid for Quebec, getting the win.

Mendoza the Cloza got the save.

Game 5 tomorrow night....keep the faith.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, the pitching matchup is:

Matt Bishop vs. Jorge Perez

Hopefully, we can jump on him again!

Go Spirit!! Go Eagles!! Go Pats!!

-- Josh

benoit emond said...

kennedy has made abig mistake -- he started morse today on short rest and now he's going to start bishop on short rest. he's got mcnamara who has been perfect since he got here -- he should have started today. why start guys on short rest when you are AHEAD in the series???? laplante didn't do it and he was behind in the series. i think that we're in trouble.

Anonymous said...

we are screwed .. to simply put it.

benoit emond said...

shawn mcnamara --
7 games started
5 wins
0 losses

era --- 2.15

and kennedy sits him down so guys can pitch on short rest.
how do you panic when you are ahead in the series?????

the spirit will probably win( i hope ) but in my opinion this is a huge blunder.

GO spirit!

benoit emond said...

I know you've all been waiting for it -- here's benoit's odds on who will win the nascar championship.

MARK MARTIN 3-1 a great racer and a great guy.this is his year.

KEVIN HARVICK 4-1 he has really matured and RCR gets better every week.

MATT KENSETH 4-1 he and harvick are peaking at the right time.

KASEY KAHNE 6-1 he wins races but his inconsistancy will cost him over ten races. might win if he can stay out of trouble.

JIMMY JOHNSON 6-1 he's been going the wrong direction, but he had such a big lead he may have been just cruising. watch for Knaus to start cheating again.

JEFF GORDON 8-1 he's not one of my favorites but i have total respect for his driving ability. he made the chase solely on his driving ability. his team has been killing him all year.

DALE EARNHARDT JR. 8-1 another great driver who has little chance because of his team. he hates his crew chief and i can see

KYLE BUSCH 12-1 too inexperienced
and hard headed. will make mistakes.

DENNY HAMLIN 12-1 too ineperienced. he has a great team and a great future.

JEFF BURTON 20-1 how did he get in?? a tribute to how well RCR is going when they can get a mediocre driver like this into the chase.

Joe Grav said...

what's with you and mark martin? has he even finished in the top 5 at all this year? and what does being 'a great guy' have to do with it?

back on topic:

Kennedy making a mistake? You don't say!

I said it in 2004, I'll say it again: we need a better in-game manager.

DaveCo said...

Kennedy.........STOP SLEEPING ON THE JOB! That or stop throwing darts at a dartboard with pitcher's names in order to start them!

McNamara should've pitched today and should pitch tomorrow....bottom line.

Kennedy has made a few too many blunders in his time here,but I think this one may be the costliest.

Anonymous said...

So will we be the home team tomorrow or do we have to be the visitors again? Is that how Miles rewards the team with the best record and won both halves of the season...I bet so, cause he's such a piece of crap and hates his Capitales having to win something without his help. Just like last year when NS could have finished .5 games out and had played 1 less game that Quebec. I say we unseat Miles Wolff and get somebody in there who doesn't have a biased opinion.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

lets try not to get pessimistic.

i realize that we've had some managerial issues, but that doesnt take away from the fact that today is a completely new game and that those mishaps have nothing to do with today.

actually, now that i think about it, they do. the pitcher choices actually had a direct impact on this game.


still. just gotta keep hope. its not like were in a completely hopeless situation like the '04 sox were. or like the '06 sox ARE.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

benoit, how can u spell jimmie johnson wrong?!

and ur picks are complete trash, by the way.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

and by the way beniot, giving ANYONE any better than 5:1 odds in this crapshoot of a playoff is absurd, considering how easy it is for a team to tank a motor and be out of it.

here's my odds:

1) 6:1 Kevin Harvick-He definitely has just an absurd amount of momentum. He's been winning races like nobodies buisness.

2) 7:1 Matt Kenseth-Has been hot but has started to cool down just a tad, which is why I gave Harvick the edge

3) 10:1 Jimmie Johnson-Ridiculous first half has given way to great second half. But 'great' won't cut it against the scorching Kenseth and Harvick.

4) 12:1 Jeff Gordon-Painfully mediocre this year, but he's still Jeff Gordon.

5) 14:1 Denny Hamlin-Don't give me this 'inexperience' crap. He driver like a veteran and CAN win races. Not even because I'm a JGR fan. When do you see the guy wreck?! My actual pick to win.

6) 29:2 Kasey Kahne-An awesome season gave way to such an unbelieveable choke job before he finally started to turn it around. Actually has a bit of momentum, and will probably finish ahead of the 6th place in odds that I put him in. That bad luck is a tricky intangeble.

7) 15:1 Dale Earnhardt Jr.-I hate Junior with a passion, but he's having such an incredibly better year than last year. He still sucks as a driver in my opinion, but not to warrant worse than 7th. And yeah, the whole 8 team DOES suck (so I agree with Beniot on one point, anyway).

8) 17:1 Jeff Burton-Incredible consistancy this year, which is what the chase really is about. If he doesn't mess up he has a legit shot at winning, or an easy top 5 at worst. However, doesn't have the equipment to make up for a engine problem or something of the like that gives him a bad finish.

9) 25:1 Kyle Busch-Drives like a rookie even though he isn't one, and is going to make at least one costly mistake in the chase that will be his own fault.

10) 40:1-Mark Martin- Feel-good story just ain't happening this year. If you can show me more than three races that he has been a threat in, i'll buy the spirit from lick. dont get me wrong, i love mark, but he just has almost no shot.