Monday, September 18, 2006

Quebec are the champs

In the conclusion to perhaps the greatest championship series in league history, the Quebec Capitales defeated the Brockton Rox 5-4 in possibly the greatest game in league history to nail down the title 3 games to 2.

I can only imagine the atmosphere and emotion at Campanelli as this game took its many wild swings: After the game was scoreless into the bottom of the 6th, the Rox jumped out to a 3-0 lead for John Kelly- seemingly insurmountable, surely. But Quebec was far from dead, roaring back to take a 4-3 lead in the very next inning. The Rox evened it with a sac fly in the bottom of the 8th, but the Caps scored in the top of the 9th to take back the lead for good. Cristian Mendoza closed the door for Quebec, ending the season.

Quebec now has its first ever championship and they certainly earned it- but this postseason will probably spur some rule changes in the offseason. Quebec was riding the wave from 5 straight home games, and unfairly got to host games 1 and 2 against a Rox team with a better record. This obviously was a vital difference maker. I take nothing away from how hard Quebec worked to win this title, but it's still wrong for the #4 seed to have 5 straight home games in the playoffs.

Anyways, who was there? How amazing was it?


It's the offseason now and as that wonderful NFL Network commercial once said, "we're all undefeated again." Let's get this disgusting taste out of our mouths and get ready for '07, eh?

This offseason I will undertake a project: the 100 greatest games in Spirit history. Any games you wish to nominate? Email me @


benoit emond said...

this is benoit reporting that sparkey, spike and i were at the game. it was another smallish crowd but the peole there were the true baseball fans.the airheads stayed home. there was a large vocal, contingent from quebec.

it really was a fum game to watch -- brockton kinda gave the game away- (mike scanzano is no saul bustos) - but after seeing the last 3 games i have only one question -- how the hell did we lose this year??? has any league ever had a weaker champion???

miles wolff was siiting 4 rows in front of us and the highlight of the game for me was when brockton took a 3-0 lead we started yelling at miles to CUT THE POWER! and TURN THE LIGHTS OUT! he didn't react but there's no way that he didn't hear us.

so joe -- where did elliot sadler finish??

what's the report from louden?

Joe Grav said...

Elliott Sadler blew as usual. The race was fun, but I can barely remember it because the post-race traffic jam was easily the worst EVER. I got back to BC at like 1230 AM

HAHHAHAHAH at ur comments to Miles.. HAHAHAHA

TonyTheTiger20 said...

explain the wolff comment?

SoSayethI2006 said...

What a fun (is good) game!.
Too bad it was decidec basically by an error by Scanzano.
Bustin' Miles was a BLAST!.

DaveCo said...

LMAO!!! GREAT LINE! I wish I was there to say something to...:'-[
and maybe give Miles a sign I made a few years ago.... :-p

ANYWAYS....Joe,isn't 100 a little much? Maybe Top 50 or 30....but I myself would like a copy of the list when it's done and I'll go through my acrchives and look at some of the games I think should make the list. Maybe I can make a show out of the top 20-15 games with us talking about them,that'd be cool.

benoit emond said...

hey joe -- elliot sadler finished sixth as i predicted.what was the bet? he might win it all last year.

i'm sitting here watching the braves game and it isn,t doing any to ease my withdrawal pains. it might be a long winter.

good idea dave-- if there is a tv show i want to go on and do my imitation of willie.

i want to reiterate that it was an honor and a privilege being in the
company of spike and sparkey. i can't wait to go back to being a full time fan next year.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Thanks Benny, the feeling is mutual.One of the most enjoyable games all year; hard to believe isn't it?.
Long winter ahead. Soon we can start the "hot stove" talk.

Last person: please turn off the lights.

benoit emond said...

ATTN SPIKE -- i found the stats on sacrifice bunting

with a runner on first and no outs teams average .919 runs in that inning
with a runner on second base and one out teams average .706 runs in that inning
this stat is the most telling -- for every five times that you sacrifice ,you have actually scored one less run than you would have if you didn't

with a runner on second and no outs teams average 1.177 runs in that inning
with a runner on third and 1 out teams average 1.032 runs in that inning.

with runners on first and second with no outs teams average 1.44 runs in that inning
with runners on second and third with one out teams average 1.27 runs in that inning.

sabermatricians say that over a 162 game season overbunting will cost a team 2 games in the standings.

Joe Grav said...

I'd always suspected that to be fairly true, but it's nice to see it in real numbers.

Joe Grav said...

And don't ditch out yet Sparky, we still have to talk about the 100 best games in Spirit history

Anonymous said...

Yes, Game 5 was back-and-forth. Both teams seemed to have shot their wad. Viera came in despite having pitched two days earlier, and Koch failed to get his third save in three days.

Did the light-failure game occur in the first or the second half?
At the end of the first half, the lights failed in Nashua and this (and a double rainout the next day) (and Miles' rule on make-ups) denied Quebec a chance to take 7th place away from the Pride who so richly deserved it. If you're going to accuse Wolff of treachery, I'd like to know if he got the idea for the ploy from the City of Nashua.

My man Francisco Lebron--whom I've watched as a Pride and in Bayamon, P.R. (Arriba, Vaqueros!)--was not moving fast in the entire series, except to the mound, and then only to get some rosin.

"Benoit" was right that it was inexcusable to see none of the other teams represented. If the other teams' management was in the house, they stayed on the luxury level. Sparky should have worn a Spirit jersey, not a Rox. I was yelling for the Rox, but flying my Pride flag. After 70 Can-Am games this year, I *do* want to see how it all comes out! Don't any Worcester fans? For the record, the president of the Pride Booster Club and her husband attended, with Pride caps; they say the club's treasurer was at Game 3.

Benoit, on the sacrifice bunt, your stats do argue that one should NEVER bunt, unless the batter simply can't hit. More often in this league, batters simply can't bunt (fair) (Sabino). Quibbles: (1) When you bunt, you are playing for one run; so rather than average number of runs scored, I'd want to see the odds of scoring any runs. (2) Stats omit the psychological; when the defense is SURE you're not going to bunt (Ortiz), bunting is a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

Oops! the above anonymous post is by Spike.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Still here Joe, jus' thinkin'

benoit emond said...

what's going on here -- we get sam smith in a trade from pensacola for future considerations and now he is sent back to pensacola to complete the trade. AM I NUTS BUT WAS SAM SMITH JUST TRADED FOR HIMSELF??????

benoit emond said...

OH MY GOD --- on the same day -- august 26 --- quebec acquired ed montague from pensacola for future considerations. he had the winning hit in game 5 against brockton -- and now he has been traded back to pensacola to complete the deal. AM I NUTS OR HAS ED MONTAGUE JUST BEEN TRADED FOR HIMSELF??????


Joe Grav said...

That shit happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Rick Polardo was traded to Toledo for Lick Nopardo to complete an earlier trade to themselves.