Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's that time again...

The Spirit post-season promotions poll! Without further ado, here's my take.. let's hear yours.

What was the best promotion during the 2006 season?
Blooper: 0%
** I'll be honest. I have absolutely no recollection of who (or what) "Blooper" is (or was). I guess that has something to do with the 0% vote total.

Bobbleheads and Stadium Replicas: 22%
I voted for this one, although the Fraser Field replica was rather weak and disappointing compared to last year's excellent Manning Bowl replica. Bobbleheads are always cool... although they weren't as awesome this year as years past.
Daniel Smith aka "Rubber Boy": 7%
This had to be the dumbest thing I saw all year. It slowed the game down, it was unentertaining and quite frankly it was really disgusting, too. No, I don't like seeing someone put themselves in a little suitcase, thank you very much-- that's just gross!
Fireworks: 44%
The old standby. Always the odds-on favorite to win and for good reason, I suppose-- but after seeing pretty much the same fireworks show seventeen times, I'm good. I like it for the fact that it brings out the crowds. I bet Nick Lopardo voted for this one 1000 times.

Mick Foley and George the Animal Steel: 0%
I'm really stunned that this has 0%. It doesn't really affect me one way or the other since I despise wrestling, but hey, it's pretty cool to have moderate, C-level celebrities in Fraser Field, I suppose; what would have made it better is if Mick Foley was there on the same day as Kerry Healey and then gave her a smackdown , that stupid bitch.

Patriots Cheerleaders: 13%
Yeah, sure, the Pats cheerleaders- awesome if you like barely-dressed, maybe moderately attractive (but mostly pretty gross) women with STDs dancing suggestively in front of a crowd full of ten-year-olds. Now that's family entertainment! *roll eyes*

Wobbling Slugger and other giveaways: 13%
"Other giveaways" is such a vague term. Those fan scrolls were the balls. The stupid can coozies had to be the dumbest things I've ever seen. And I don't think the stadium cups even say Spirit on them. I have my Wobbling Slugger doll on my desk and I'm tilting it as I speak. It lets me take out my frustrations on that goddamned stupid bird, so I'm cool with it.


DaveCo said...

Blooper: 0%
I didn't really like this thing that much either.

Bobbleheads and Stadium Replicas: 22%
Bobbleheads are great. I think Brockton's were pretty good when we went there on Bustos night,detailed and everything. Ours are either pretty good or mediocre. This year they were a little was the Fraser replica. I can easily say noone got what they expected after the Manning Bowl one. I mean,I liked it...but it's not what I expected.

Daniel Smith aka "Rubber Boy": 7%
I liked the idea,but Joe's right-it slowed the game a little and was a little weird to see.

Fireworks: 44%
I voted for this one. I always love these things. The colors,the bangs,the music....THE CROWDS! At first you like them at Fraser,but after the 3rd or 4th you're like "Get better fireworks". Oh well,at least they brought in the crowds (including that record one).

Mick Foley and George the Animal Steel: 0%
I'm also pretty stunned this didn't get past have those two guys there was great. We need more sort-of celebs like those there,and they were great. I especially liked when Foley tackled Slugger. XD

Patriots Cheerleaders: 13%
Only 13%....I'm kidn of shocked,must've been mainly women voting.........but w/e. It draws in the crowds each year for a game, so expect them back next year

Wobbling Slugger and other giveaways: 13%
I agree that "Other giveaways" is a vague term. Some of the other promos were good (SEE: Fan Scrolls) and some sucked worse than Sussex (SEE: 50% of them). I liked the Slugger thingy,but it is cheap--I accidently broke Eric's way to easily. :D

I think next year they should
1) have a band play before a game or after a sunday game....that'd be cool.
2) Organise more than 1 bus trip,AND follow through with it.
3) Have a contest. I can't think of one right now,but make one that would benefit the team and gain some popularity to do it. Maybe have people make a TV ad,they could use one. (I'm in :D)
4) Make better on-field games.....'nuff said.

benoit emond said...

Jeff Burton my ass.

benoit emond said...

women's college volleyball might be the most entertaining sport on tv, if you know what i mean.

Joe Grav said...

We have a damn good team at BC, I haven't been to game yet though.

Why are you watching volleyball in the middle of the afternoon? Go do something productive, that sort of behavior is only acceptable after midnight

Anonymous said...


you're a twat


Anonymous said...

Is it true?.
Are You a Twat?.

Joe Grav said...

That's horrendously, heinously offensive.

twat -n.- obscene terms for female genitals

But I'll let it fly- freedom of speech.

Who are you anyways?

Joe Grav said...

And who says "twat" in America? seriously now. I'll give you props for using an underutilized offensive cuss word. The traditional ones have lost their value. That one's still horrendously vulgar. Kudos!

SoSayethI2006 said...

How does one follow this?.

Blooper is when the spirit screwed up and had no promotion?; I dunno'.

Fireworks, Bobbleheads and Pats girls are cool.
I don't need another cup or barely discernable replica.
Rubber boy made feel oddly uncomfortable :~
As a good DAVECO employee, I want live music and more Commonwealth Cup road trips.
A Summer Concert would be cool if the City lets em' get away w/it.
Brian Adams and Def Leppard were makin' the rounda at Minor League parks last year.
I must say that Women's Pro Beach Volleyball is really where it's at.