Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Season tickets on sale, 2 new teams?, Manning Field

October 17 News and Notes

-I guess it's always a good sign when each of the offseason milestones passes, but I must say I'm surprised that season tickets are on sale already. It doesn't look like there are any changes to ticket prices.

-Ken Ray was claimed by the Kansas City Royals as the Braves left him off the 40-man roster. Poor Ken. Once he gets a whiff of the powerhouse that is KC baseball he'll miss the days of playing in the worst place on earth.

-The Manning Field is open, so needless to say the Item is treating it like it's the Second Coming of Christ.

-I didn't think it was possible, but scanning the "North Shore Spirit" newswire, I found a story in the Boston Globe that is actually worse than Krause's story about Lopardo's failure to turn a profit. Read this first paragraph without laughing:
"In a community like Lynn, empathy may be in short supply for a wealthy guy who keeps swinging for the fences, only to see his fly balls turn into easy outs on the warning track."

According to the Nashua Telegraph, the Can Am League is strongly considering adding two teams next season- possibly the Atlantic City Surf and a travel team to make it ten. This would make the regular season longer, but the year would actually be the same length because the midseason All-Star game has been eliminated.

Interesting change in the playoff format: the team that wins the first half will have a choice as to whether it wants to open up the best-of-five semifinal series with two games at home or play the final three games of the series at home.

That doesn't really solve the problem, though, since the 1st half champ isn't necessarily the team with the better record.


TonyTheTiger20 said...

huh. interesting stuff.

you getting season tickets, joe?

also...what exactly is manning field? i know its that thing in right but what IS it?

wooden said...

Great stuff Joe. You can read my comments--too long for here--at:

DaveCo said...


- Yeah,the season tickets being on sale now is a little strange.
- Good luck Kenny,see ya in a year or two. ;-)
- Ya,the Item over-covered this I think. And Grant, Manning Fild is just the new football field they built for the high schools to use. That's basically all ya need to know.
- LMAO!!
- I like the idea of another 2 teams,but not-so-much the road team. It's kind of weird to me that the regular season isn't longer than it will be, but whatever.

Joe Grav said...

You mind if I post that article you wrote to the main blog Wooden?

wooden said...

Go right ahead, Joe -- I've been double-posting at, too.