Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I guess this is news

Bye bye, Jarrad. Former Spirit pitcher Jarrad Lavergne is on the move again:

November 14, 2006
Nashua: Traded LHP Jarrad Lavergne and LHP Vince Davis to Schaumburg (Northern League) in exchange for RHP Nate Cotton.

I still think trading him this summer was a crummy move, although in the end we got the reversionary rights to Jamie Baker out of the deal. I guess that's a good thing.

Speaking of Nashua-- maybe Spike will know, what's up with our man Dillard? Is he coming back next year?


DaveCo said...

Ya,that move in the summer was pretty crudy,at least we get first dibs on a good pitcher should he come back.

ALSO,I say we should try to get Dillard.

Just a thought......a sleepy thought,but a thought nonetheless. I need sleep....

Anonymous said... says that, on 6-Oct, the Pride exercised the 2007 options for Andy Dillard (though the Pride also exercised the options for the two now traded). Cotton looks like a solid closer for the Pride. We didn't have a star closer in 2006, although by the end of the year, the team was consistently saving games through a battery of one-inning pitchers including Baker and Lavergne.