Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New layout

I hope everyone likes the new layout; if you don't, maybe you'll get used to it.

Here's a little run-down:
(Some of this stuff is still under construction)

On the right side of the page will be:

1. the opening day countdown and eventually a calendar of Spirit-related offseason events.
2. The 'making of the team' area: a link to the team chart which will be constantly updated throughout the offseason; then a posting of the last three transcations
3. The 100 Greatest Games: as I post the Top 100 games countdown, the right side will have permanant links to each game story.
4. Game info: during the season, this will have the recent results/upcoming schedule for the Spirit, but for now it'll have info about some other sporting events that might be interesting.
5. Standings: the CanAm League standings
6. Spirit Honors: just a listing of the accolades the Spirit have won since 2003.

During the off-season there will be a few features on the main page- the 100 games countdown, transaction updates, etc. Additionally, every Friday I'm going to put a 'guide' to interesting sporting events going on in the coming week, with the focus being on stuff you might be less aware of.

That's the plan for now.

203 days.
Go Eagles, Go Pats, Go Bruins, Go Celtics...Go Spirit!


benoit emond said...

joe -- this is awesome!!! those of us who are technologically impaired bow to your knowledge and creativity.

hello all -- I'm back from the brink of midterm self-destruction.

go spirit!!!

wooden said...

Two links missing:

Baseball Cube

This is the best (only) place to look up indy players.

And of course, my blog: