Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kennedy story links

Krause's column -- decent take on Kennedy before predictable uninformed crap the rest of the way

News story- "Major North Shore Spirit shakeup"


DaveCo said...

Krause's collumn was pretty good and I'm sure that story would make Johnny smile.

I liked the other article in the Item...not only because it was well-written,but because we were aluded to in it.

""(Vic) gets along great with fans and sponsors. He likes to do it ... people used to poke fun at Eddie Nottle (former Brockton Rox manager), butthat's what puts fans in the seats," Lopardo said."

oh lordy,this brings back memories....
"Sing us a song Mr Nottle-man..."
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha! I still remember the time he saw me in Wendy's before a game and asked me to have us sing it that night and said we were entertaining.

Joe Grav said...

hahah i loved Nottle.

I wish we got him to be the manager.

Joe Grav said...

And as for Krause I was referring to his dump on BC, although I should expect no less from someone who probably dropped out of Endicott College

wooden said...

Endicott was a community college?

benoit emond said...

the fact that kennedy never finished lower than 2nd place is more a result of the excellent work done by Kunion. i,like the BC brat joe,never was enamored with his in-game managing. laplante outmanaged him badly in the playoffs.
i really have no feeling for how davilla will fare as manager. his stint as hitting coach was certainly a disappointment, but maybe he'll step up to this challenge.
i wonder how long it will be bfore he is the dh/manager?
i hope that they let davilla choose his own coaches.

DaveCo said...

What's the ol' Nottle up to now anways? I'd like to have him as manager too instead of Vic. No offense to him,but I'd rather have a manager with experience then a person who might be distracted with wanting to play again.

And I should've figured that BC thing is what got to ya Joe.....and I bet it wasn't Endicott,but Salem State instead.

Lastly,B.E. is right...a manager is only as good as his players,and we have Knuion to thank for that. Let's hope that holds true this summer.

PS: We should all plan on going up to Nashua in a little convoy or something together after we meet up somewhere for pre-gamedinner....or something like that. I'm just so pumped for the season now,and this talk of going to Nashua makes me miss the road trips. :'(

wooden said...

I would not dismiss Kennedy so easily as B.E. After all, his first team was not built by Kunion, and that team went to the finals. The reality is that it's a combination of good talent and good motivation. Kunion can find the talent, but has NOTHING to do with the motivation and management of the players, that's the job of Kennedy, et al.