Friday, December 08, 2006

Transaction Wire Shows Some Life

Yesterday the Spirit made their first move in almost a month....They traded 2B Ryan Bethel to Evansville of the Frontier League in exchange for LHP Donny Langdon.

Anyone got any info on the new guy?

I myself liked Bthel in the time that he played,but we played without him for a bit of last season-proving we can live without him. As long as Cordova is at second,which I believe is the case,then we're good at that position.

With that said...what positions do you guys think we should work on getting filled if needed? what pitchers should start & which should be in the 'pen? Basically,if you were GM what would you do now?


wooden said...

I think at this time of year, the GM is primarily focused on lining up the promotions. That written, I'd be securing the rights of pitchers, particularly ones that are good enough for indy ball, but not so good that they might be picked up midseason by the affiliates. In other words, the guys who just want to play and aren't delusional about their chances of getting picked up. I've always felt that the best way to "spend" your veteran slots is on two starting pitchers, one catcher and the last one on a corner position (e.g. LF, 1B). The rookie positions are best spent on your relievers, particularly middle relief or the #5 starter.

SoSayethI2006 said...
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SoSayethI2006 said...

Correction(s) on Donny Langdon as follows:
Last season with Evansville,
30 games
49.1 innings pitched
38 hits, only 1 HR
16 runs, 15 of em' earned.
65K's: 17 BB
1 WP
I don't know why the hell that last idiot posted all those bogus stats;l what was HE thinkin'?.

Joe Grav said...

He has GREAT numbers but the CAL is tougher than the Frontier League for sure. Either way, I like the idea of moving a BACKUP 2B for a lefty pitcher.

wooden said...

Agreed - fantastic BB/SO numbers, even if it's against fellow rookies.

Joe Grav said...

Right, and that's the kindof number that transcends leagues... it shows 'stuff'

SoSayethI2006 said...

Langdon "seems" to be a great LHP to have coming out of the 'pen, or maybe to throw a start to if going against a lineup stacked with Left hand bats;like Quebec, and I think the Gray's did against us a couple times last year.
Anyways, I'm partial to ANY lefty who's got what Joe refers to as "the stuff".