Monday, December 11, 2006


After the Spirit traded a mediocre infielder for a decent left-handed reliever yesterday, they practically un-did the deal today, trading Tim Dugan to the River City Rascals for INF Michael Cockrell.

Cockrell's numbers:
'06: .266 / .323 / .352, 4 HR/34 RBI
Career: .277 / .338 / .398, 27 HR / 219 RBI

The only really good things I can say about his stats are:
1. He seems to be a very durable player, and
2. He reached AA once.

Check out the full numbers:

I'd have to imagine that the Spirit knew Dugan wasn't going to come back to pitch here next year and planned the two trades to match and wash out one another.


SoSayethI2006 said...

Dugan had Rookie status last year that he probably will not this year; it's always a part of the equation somehow.

SoSayethI2006 said...

I wonder who our NEW pitching coach is gonna' be?
Jeff Ware has headed to the New York-Penn League.
Where's Klae Calvert when Ya' need him?.

Anonymous said...

he would have been back in '07 and still have been a rookie but the Spirit made the trade

SoSayethI2006 said...

What do you base your "opinion" on?.

Or, is that anonymous too?.
Anonymous posts and comments don't carry much weight......sorry.

Joe Grav said...

Actually, in situations like this, the anonymous posters probably have the most reliable info, ironically enough.

But then again, an 'anonymous' label is also an excuse for some blohard to blow smoke out of his arse.

That's terrible news about Jeff Ware. So terrible that I think I want to cry and keep not studying for finals.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Anonymous posts suck and should be disallowed; makes a farce of the whole thing.

FUCK IT, no more.....

DaveCo said...

Dugan wasn't our best guy,but he was decent & I'll miss the guy.(how many times have we said this about departing players?)

Now for Cockrell: The guy looks like he could be a good baserunner. He has 17 stolen bases and was caught 6 times. Both were team highs. Put the dude out there for a game and we have a mini-Sussex going--cause he has a team-high 22 errors. Use him for the occasional pinch-runner and hitter and as an emergency infilder,anything else and you crazy.

It's sad to hear about Ware's departure...he was a great coach and good guy. I hope the Spirit REALLY search for a new pitching coach and pick someone at least half-decent. Maybe it'll be a guy we alreayd know...
Oh Klae,where art thou?

ALSO,Joe's right....we never know who these anons are and what info. they may or may not have. I think in this case I think the guy is right.

Joe Grav said...

The only reason why I don't ban anons. is that I like the idea that we can get a few anonymous tidbits of information from people who can't actually tell us who they are.

Getting those slivers of info make putting up with the anonymous blowhards worth it.

lick nopardo said...

I say ban everyone!!!!

spirit follower said...

Do you think any spirit players will be bought by Minor League teams?

Joe Grav said...

I bet McNamara gets a shot at some point but with our luck that point will be August '07

DaveCo said...

Agreed with Joe....I think we'll get about 3 pitchers sold this year,with two coming at bad times and a postion player or two,also at a bad time.

That's just our luck...but that's what happens when ya got good players.

Joe Grav said...

dave cut'n'paste! i missed you man!

Anonymous said...

I think Morse will be back just because of his age, he is too old to be picked up even after posting solid numbers since being a member of the Spirit, Siak will be back, but does anyone know about Farley? He came in to his own last year and proved to be a top of the rotation guy. We need somebody who can step in and take Vic's place. It's hard to replace his bat. Has anyone heard anything on Bic? I saw that the Cubs signed Isaac Pavlik in the offseason, but didn't see anything about Bic?

A Spirit Fan

wooden said...

Ryan is still listed as active within the Cubs system.