Saturday, January 06, 2007

Spirit Add Two

The Spirit added two lefties yesterday- Craig Snipp and Melvin Alvarez.

Snipp is coming off four years pitching at Kentucky. The SEC is a good conference so you don't have to take his numbers with as much of a grain of salt as you do with many guys coming out of college. With that said, his numbers weren't that great:

16 G
15 GS
106.0 IP
7-5, 3.48 ERA
125 H
83 SO/25 W

21 G
1 GS
49.1 IP
4-5, 5.29 ERA
52 H
38 SO/17 W

18 G
12 GS
54.1 IP
2-8, 7.62 ERA
56 SO/20 W

The best thing I can say is that he really improved this year, and has had good K/BB ratios.

Alvarez, 24, had limited action in the Gulf Coast league in 01 and 02 but hasn't pitched since.


benoit emond said...

I like the signing of Snipp. There were some really good teams in the SEC. His ERA is pretty good when you take the silly aluminum bat into consideration. Hey, look how well Mcnamara did.(Why hasn't he been signed by a major league organization?)

BUT, I am hoping that we sign some hitters. Look at who we have lost off of last year's team -- a team that totally stopped hitting at the end of the season.
Davilla -- player of the year in league
Trezza -- Led the league in homers
Wishy -- led the league in doubles
Antoin Gray

I looked at the numbers of the guys we have now and I wonder how we'll score any runs.

Joe Grav said...

Trezza could be gone.

Joe Grav said...

Could be NOT gone*

Joe Grav said...


Could come back

There we go

DaveCo said...

wow joe,choose your words. :-p

B.E. raises a good point...we need to stop getting pitchers and find some decent hitters. With those guys gone our offense is questionable....even with some of the bullpen gone,it's still pretty strong.

Right now we need to focus on getting a good catcher though,which I'm sure is going on. I don't know about you guys,but I think that getting Olivier Lepine isn't a bad idea.

SoSayethI2006 said...

In baseball, what two things win championships?.



You can NEVER have enough pitching.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Daveco is correct.
A catcher is the backbone to being "strong up the middle". A veteran spot is commonly used at this position.
Maybe LePine,or perhaps Hargreaves would condider coming out of retirement.

Joe Grav said...

Heargraves? We went down that route before. Maybe we can talk Franky C. out of retirement :D

And yeah.. the difference between '05 and '06 proved that you can never have too much pitching- especially when your best pitchers can disappear overnight

SoSayethI2006 said...

Imagine the Pitching staff if we keep all the lefties!.
Everyone knows that players at this level have increased difficulty hitting for both power and average against southpaws.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Did anyone else notice the omission of the 1510 logo and lnk from the Spirit website?
I didn't see any mention of the Spirit on the Zone(d) out site either.


benoit emond said...

My uniform # is 10. I used to pitch. Last season I made an obscene gesture at Sparky.

WHO AM I ?????

SoSayethI2006 said...

I suppose I should obstain from this one huh?.

Spirit Mom said...

Go to the News section and look on the right. The zone is still there.