Wednesday, January 24, 2007

THAT useless fatass?

Well, that settles it. I wasn’t going to go to the Spirit hot stove dinner anyways, but the fact that Eddie Andelman is speaking just seals the deal: I’m staying away from this one.

Andelman is a pompous, moronic, $cummy oaf who should have been booted off the airwaves before he went senile – i.e., 35 years ago. Since that point of senility, his shows have been total garbage.

His sons are obnoxious and unwatchable on the Phantom Gourmet and whatever other crap they get involve in.

I guess I should have saw this coming when they announced it was at the Kowloon.

Maybe the fat piece of $#!t will finally stuff his mouth shut, get off the airwaves, and leave the sports-loving public alone.

Thumbs-down to the Spirit for bringing this loser aboard.


benoit emond said...

andleman's sons totally ruined the three stooges marathon on new year's eve. i e-mailed channel 38 and told them that they should have called it "three stooges and two idiots."

i think that andelman was the promoter of the first boxing show a couple of years ago -- the one that was cancelled because they sold 4 tickets. what an obnoxious loser.

Joe Grav said...

yeh they really did ruin it. they are the worst personalities on television. the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

SoSayethI2006 said...

Wait til he fids out they don't serve Hot Dogs @ Kowloon, that'll do it.

benoit emond said...

hey -- has anyone heard anything from Spike????

Spike --- come in if you can here me.

Did he receive a new Spike-o-meter for Christmas???

benoit emond said...

that should be

come in if you can HEAR me.

SoSayethI2006 said...

Here Benny...... Hear Benny....come on boy..

Good Benny.