Monday, April 30, 2007

Two weeks.

That's right - just 14 days until the Spirit take the field in exhibition play against the Rox. Nice.

To celebrate, let's talk about game day experience at Fraser Field. What simple, reasonable things can the Spirit do to improve the overall experience, atmosphere, etc. at Fraser Field and surrounding the North Shore Spirit in general? Make your suggestions in a comment.

Here are my simple ideas:

1. Out of town scores from the Can-Am League given over the PA. I have never been able to understand why this isn't done; perhaps it has something to do with Nick not wanting the boys to know the results of other games, I don't know - but either way, every other park does it, and it just simply makes sense to do. It is really convenient for the fans who want to know such information, and it helps foster an attitude that the league's results matter - the players aren't just there to provide a backdrop for Monkey Boy.

2. Free stat sheets given out without having to buy a new program. Every year I buy (or weasel my way into acquiring for free) numerous copies of the same old program because I want to get stats on the opposing team but I forgot to print them out at home. I understand that they do this for a reason, to milk the extra $2 each time someone wants to get the stat sheets, but I think it would be a good gesture to give these out to fans upon entry. Either that, or update the program with an extended insert for every homestand, to make it so that you're getting more than two pages of statistics each time you spend money to buy the same old program.

3. Better announcements over the PA of the situation during rain delays - for example, current forecast information, relevant league rules/policies, etc. It seems like we are generally just sitting around waiting for one of two announcements: 1) the game is called or, 2) we will play in fifteen minutes.

4. It would be really nice if they could put together some sort of weekly highlight package on the Spirit website whenever games are broadcast on Lynncam. Also, get a better announcer on Lynncam, for the love of God and all things holy.

5. Mix up the between innings entertainment. Regulars have seen the same 4 acts 200 times. I propose a sumo wrestling match between Willy and Jack but I don't think that's happening any time soon, unfortunately.

6. EVERY night - or at least every weeknight - should be buy one bleacher seat, get one half-price night --- getting people in the ballpark is always the key, and they have really gotten pretty silly with the ticket price increases. They're not prohibitive by any means, just... odd.


wooden said...

Joe - Only made it to one game at Fraser last year, but I will repeat what I wrote out several times in surveys:

Sell yearbook for $5, sell scorecard w/ latest stats for $1

This is how they do it in NJ and I've seen it down here in the Carolina league as well.

DaveCo said...

1) You're right....and I'll try to see if we can get this done msyelf. If enough people ask maybe they'll start doing it. We should all start asking them to do this in 2 weeks at the Rox game

2) Good point.....$2 to buy the same program for the 2-page plain,updated stats is a little ubsurd. They should at least have stat-packs like the ones I used to get availble on the side for fans who want them. It may be better that way, because right now the 2-page stats will statisfy mostly all fans. they prob assume most fans will print out the extended packs at home.....but the big packs should be made available,your right.

3) The rain delays are torture sometimes.....if it's not the same old PA announcments it's the same,dull music they play. I for one would also like to hear some of that information over the PA. Maybe we can also ask for this stuff to change as well in a couple weeks.

4) I myself am thinking about doing a weekly highlight video when we film there. Wether or not it goes on the Spirit's site is up to them,but I will most likely have it available for this blog at least if it happens. the brodcaster thing,good luck ;-]

5) The games are getting a little monotonous (sp?).......we need to either get new ones or put new twists onto them.
LMFAO! I love the sumo idea!!! XD I'll actually talk to some people,maybe we can do that a few nights

6) Every weekend they should have that "buy one get one 1/2 off" idea.

I think that to promote the team within the school systems they should maybe have high school nights. They do it for cities,maybe they could do it for high schools.

They should also do about 2 or 3 bus trips this year and REALLY advertise them. We only had one last year, and one fell through. We shoudl attempt to go to worcester & brockton in addition to nashua at least once. Maybe they could be late in the season, when this "commonwealth cup" thing is in the final stretch.

DaveCo said...

maybe they could also sell that highlight reel i made to the fans of the 2006 season on dvds. That could possibly be a good addition to the pro shop, or at least somethign different.

who would buy it if they had the chance anyways?