Sunday, June 24, 2007

All you need to know about today's loss

"The scoreboard read goose eggs until the sixth inning when Capitales CF Goef Tomlinson reached on an error by first baseman Josue Lopez. Tomlinson moved to second on a ground out and came around to score on a single by Galloway making the score 1-0."


Cut Lopez Now


Anonymous said...

Can we for Crissakes now let this ridiculous excuse for a ballplayer go?. That's right, I'm talking about J. Lopez; this guy is a BUM.
He was charged with 2 errors (my scorecard reads three)today and is ceratinly no better than Brad Rea at first.
Want his bat?... OK DH it is, or PLEASE get em' packed. All the errors he let on base scored today,and in two different instances led to big innings for Les Caps'.
And what the HELL was with the scene at the park today?.
We have "everyday" fans being shadowed by Spirit personnel while Lantigua and his other French-dipped buddy sit in St. Nick's coveted recliners; are youguys comfy?, can we get you anything else?.... makes me sick.
Way to go there spirit Mgmt; we can rest knowing if there is a way to alienate the fans, y'all will find it and make it your own.

Anonymous said...

Management is shutting it down. Lopardo realizes that he made a huge mistake coming back this year and he can't wait for the season to end.The best thing that can happen is for the team to be sold ASAP --- and the word is that this is a possibility.

Hey Anon -- the Spirit have never appreciated their "everyday" fans. Joe and his friends have been treated totally unfairly on more than one occasion. Lopardo doesn't want people to come to the game to have fun, he wants them to come to the game and worship at the altar of Nick.

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DaveCo said...

I agree with the Lopez comment. Either put him in the DH spot or cut him. He's not doing much.

I still don't see why we were overshadowed by the Spirit staff. We were asked to be quiet during the game,and since we were asked kindly and I didn't want to start more stuff after last night I withheld,although at a few points I wanted to do something (like boo). HOWEVER,when you are under constant watch and someone is then told "sorry you feel this way"-I don't think that's right.

If the team is in fact sold I hope they do it before the last pitch of the season,so we know what's up with next year.