Sunday, June 24, 2007

Notes from the Morning After

-Yesterday's brawl was captured in entirety by TV cameras. I expect Dave will have some footage for us within a few days so we can get another good look at it.

-We also did a few 're-enactment videos' in the parking lot after the game, those will be on YouTube ASAP.

-We created the official Eddie Lantigua Haters United group on Facebook here

-Eric, Dave, Alan, Cathy and I are taking the trek to Brockton on Tuesday night... anyone else going to the Land of the Drunks? Let me know and we can sit together... Also, anyone thinking about going to Nashua next Friday night?

-The Spirit added former Worcester INF Robert Tewksbury to the lineup before last night's game and cut Vic Davilla.


Anonymous said...

The bigger problem here is that the Spirit cannot beat Les Capitales -- especially when it counts most. The Spirit are a considerably weaker team than they were at the start of the season.What the hell is going on????

Anonymous said...

Watch for more of the higher paid players to be jettisoned. Lopardo is a good as gone. The team may even be sold before the season ends.
One Who Knows

Anonymous said...

The team may be sold? who wants to buy a crappy team like this