Monday, June 04, 2007

How 'Bout them GRAYS

The much anticipated poor performance from the road Grays just hasn't materialized so far. At last look they have compiled the second best record in the league, winners of their last six straight.
What do Y'all think are the major contributing factors in the success of the team?.
Could it be the coaching and management, or player selection and/or trades and acquisitions?.
In any event, they are going to make things VERY interesting should they continue their winning ways.
On a personal level... I LOVE it!; I almost always root for the underdog.... but are they truly underdogs?. Other than the lack of home field, (stadium, not advantage) they may in fact have less to prove and thereby less burden to carry. Seems the teams that play "loose", paly best.


Joe Grav said...

Let's not crown them yet. The sweep of the Spirit was impressive, but they get no credit from me for sweeping Sussex. I expected them to do that.

Also, Atlantic City sucks, too.

Let's see what happens when they go to Quebec and Brockton.

DaveCo said...

if they do good against quebec and brockton I say they're damn good team.

And if they somehow manage to make it to the playoffs i say we manage to get a road trip together and head off to their oppeonets stadium and become the "Gray Brigade" for a night....unless they face us of course.

wooden said...

Let's not forget that the league made out the Grays' schedule to minimize the travel -- a cost-saving measure no doubt -- but it also enables them to be more competitive, which also benefits the league and mitigates the fact that some teams will play the Grays more than others. The Jackals, for example, play them 14 times with "lasties" in 8 of those games. If the Grays don't roll over like Fox News to the RNC, then New Jersey may have a slight disadvantage to the Spirit, which only plays the Grays 10 times.