Monday, June 04, 2007


North Shore: Traded INF Ricardo Cordova to Pensacola in exchange for future considerations.




wooden said...

Making room for Bicondoa, Joe.

Joe Grav said...

By trading one of the best players on the team????????

First of all, this leaves us with 11 position players, we have never carried 11-11, it's always been 12-10. ALWAYS.

Second of all, why would you trade your LEADOFF HITTER and a solid fielder to 'make room'? Why not cut one of the bench players? Seriously? WTF?

Unless Bic is a Veteran, but I don't think he is, right??

DaveCo said...

This realy confuses me.
And if that move was to make room for Bic why didn't they sign him after trading Cordova. With a pitcher like Bic I don't see why you'd wait.

Anonymous said...

Making room for Bic, they are both the same level, and this was one of the only ways to keep and get Bic. It does stink, but in the long run hopefully it will work for the best!

Anonymous said...

There's almost always a piece of the puzzle that we aren't given.
Sort of like figuring a Geometry problem w/o all the "givens".
Seems fairly obvious that it is to make room for Bic though.
And why not use him out of the pen as a closer for a while?. it would:
A): give him a chance to get his arm strong working a little every other day or so.
B): perhaps Fitz wants more innings, or would be more productive throwing longer innings on a consistent basis; seems difficult to get noticed for a potential "call up" to somewhere working strictly as A closer.
Again, pieces of the puzzle we aren't given.

Anonymous said...

Cordova has been so-so defensively and his offensive #'s have been less than stellar. Hitting .208 with an OBP of .240. 5 hits in 24 AB's and 1 RBI. 1 for 2 in stolen base attempts. 1 walk and 5 K's.
I got no problem movin' him to make a spot for Bic.

Joe Grav said...

small sample size, dude

the guy is a proven commodity in this league

wooden said...

No argument, but the fact remains: both are LS-5's and they can only have one. They opted to go with the pitcher that can shut down a lineup over the hitter that can't field his position consistently.