Friday, June 01, 2007

Late scare, but Spirit win

North Shore's bats came to life tonight in a 14-8 victory at Atlantic City. The game got off to a nervewracking start as the Surf touched up Spirit starter Joey Siak for four runs in the first three innings, but the Spirit offense took it from there.

Jerson Perez had a double and 5 RBI on the night. Darren Blakely drove in four runs of his own, including two on a home run in the 4th and one on an RBI triple in the 6th. Mike Torres blasted his first Spirit home run the 7th.

10 Spirit players registered a hit in the game- all 9 starters and late pinch-hitter Gilbert Gil.

Siak settled down nicely to pitch 6 strong innings and earn the victory. Derek Drage and Donny Langdon pitched shutout innings in the 7th and 8th.

The 9th inning, however, was troubling. Kevin Fitzgerald was lit up for 4 runs and recorded only one out. Dennis Robinson came in with runners on the corners and put out the fire, retiring two straight and nailing down the victory.

It's been a frustrating season so far for Fitzgerald, but all in all we have to be pleased that the bats woke up and the Spirit got back on the winning track.

Chris Farley takes the hill tomorrow night for the Spirit.

Player of the game: Blakely (1)


Anonymous said...

Why not Perez as co-player O' the game (4-5 5 RBI)?.

Joe Grav said...

I don't do cop outs, I pick one player of the game and that's that ;)

Anonymous said...

shoulda' picked Perez then; more hits, more Ribbies. I would betcha' he touched the ball more on defense too. Wouldn't be a copout if he was only overlooked.

wooden said...

Agreed - Perez was the better player and played flawless defense.

Joe Grav said...

I didn't see the game, so it's hard to say who did what on defense.

Regardless- good game