Friday, June 01, 2007

Must win? Well, OK, maybe not...

Game post: Spirit @ Surf, 6/1, 7 PM

The Spirit look to turn it around tonight as they start a 3 game series in Atlantic City. Will Bicondoa be on the hill? Discuss the game here..........

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NSS 0 2 2 4 1 1 4 0 0--- 14
ATC 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 4--- 8

Spirit Pitchers:
SP: Joey Siak : 6 IP 4 ER
RP: Derek Drage: 1 IP 0 ER
RP: Donny Langdon: 1 IP 0 ER
RP: Kevin Fitzgerald: 0.1 IP 4 ER
RP: Dennis Robinson: 0.2 IP 0 ER

Game Notes:
Bot 4: Crazy game so far. Jerson Perez has 3 RBI and Darren Blakely hit his 2nd HR of the season in the top of the 4th to make it 8-4. Siak has been very sloppy to this point.

Farley is pitching tomorrow, Morse on Sunday, so no Bic --- yet.

Siak escapes a jam in the bottom of the 4th inning -- maybe he'll settle down now that he has a nice lead to work with?

Top 5: Wally Rosa's sac fly scores Fischer and it's 9-4. In other news, Brad Rea actually got a hit.

Top 6: Blakely RBI triple but he's down injured, holding his ankle (?)... he's having a really big game to this point, let's hope he's OK

Top 7: Mike Torres has gone yahhhd off of Surf rookie pitcher Mario Martinez and the Spirit have extended the lead to 11-4. Every Spirit player has at least one hit.

Gil Gil comes in to pinch hit for Cordova and HE gets a hit, too--- he's now 3-for-7 on the season. Jerson Perez followed with a 2RBI double to rub more salt in Atlantic City's wound---5 RBI now for Perez.

Blakely adds a SacFly for the 14th North Shore run - Blakely's 4th RBI of the night

"They are releasing all of their pent up offensive frustration" - Leahy

Bot 7: Drage in to pitch for the Spirit. Siak wound up doing pretty well after his shaky start.

Bot 9: After Langdon tosses a shutout inning, Fitzy comes in to close it out.

He's struggling - 2 runs are in for the Surf so far.

ATC's PA announcer is even more over-the-top-terrible than ours.

Bot 9, Part 2: WTF!!!! 4 runs in for Atlantic City... 14-8 now and Mark Burke up. What is going on, Fitz?

Fitz pulled in favor of Robinson...

...and he gets two outs. Spirit win.


Anonymous said...

They Better win this series or we'll see Vic go nuts....

Seems like he's had a few ames to monkey with his lineup, now it appearsd that it might be better to "set" a lineup to ride for a while.

Joe Grav said...

no kidding.. i could feel lopardo's head exploding from here when i heard it was 2-0 atlantic city ,but it's tied now

Joe Grav said...

wow...this has been nutso

wooden said...

What? You guys didn't make the six-hour-plus drive?

For me, it's "only" four hours and as you might imagine, it's the most realistic of the three NJ road teams.

That said, it was a little weird being the ONLY Spirit fan in attendance. That of course may have been exacerbated by the crowd last night, which was probably closer to 1,000 than 1,621 reported in the boxscore.