Sunday, June 10, 2007

Screw it

I was waiting for the tape delay broadcast to come on 1510 the Zone, but it never came as the race ran late and they never switched to it afterward. As it turns out, I didn't miss much - Jared Stawarz pitched a complete game shutout and the hapless Cutters beat the Spirit 5-0. To make matters worse Morse left in the 4th inning with an apparent injury. Lovely.

Maybe Trezza can be our savior?


DaveCo said...

Ya,Starwarz pitched a helluva game tonight. As mentioned,he went the distance and went the complete game,striking out 5 and walking two.

BJ Weed was the only Spirit hitter who had a multi-hit game with two, as Mike & Chris Torress each had the other 2 Spirit hits.
I don;t knwo what happened with Morse,but I hope he's alright.

ALSO,who would we have to get rid of to regain Trezza?

PS: I'm working on that video.....I'm half done now. Expect it either tonight or a little while before tomorrow's game.

Joe Grav said...

I presume Rosa or C Torres but it all depends on what Trezza's status is I guess

John Leahy said...


The race I believe ended early and they switched to the Spirit game earlier than planned immediately afterward. I listened to it on the ride home from the ballpark. The game was broadcast in it's entirety and went off the air at 6:30. Sorry for the confusion on the times.


John Leahy

North Shore Spirit Broadcaster

Joe Grav said...

The race was rain delayed and didn't start until 5 PM -- so evidently they joined the race in progress at 630 because I listened to the end of the race on 1510

John Leahy said...

Thanks for the clarification, and again, sorry for the confusion.

TonyTheTiger20 said...

trez? huh?

DaveCo said...