Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spirit lose game, win fight

Since Miles Wolff is in charge of suspensions for the CanAm League, we can rest assured that Eddie Lantigua and the rest of his asshole band of Capitales will get off with no punishment for their continuous bush league actions while Dennis Robinson and other Spirit players will be banned for life for finally doing something about it. Having a conflict of interest in the owner's box which allows the Capitales to effectively use their 'cheat to win' mentality creates the climate for brawls such as the one we saw tonight.

On the heels of yesterday's LaPlante bullshit as documented in the previous post, Quebec's cheater brigade came out swinging (literally) in the first inning. Boomer Barry pulled an A-Rod slap play at 2nd base in the first inning, dislodging the ball from NS's new shortstop Bob Tewksbury. Davilla successfully appealed the play to the home plate umpire who called Barry out, prompting a long string of frenchie bullshit from Laplante.

Clearly the Spirit were not going to put up with this bullshit and Blakely showed this by sliding in hard at Barry on a play at 2nd base. The Caps continued their usual whining throughout the game and got a few favorable fair/foul calls. Additionally, a few Capitales were accidentally plunked by Bicondoa. Then, Robinson came in in the 9th.

D-Rob clearly intentionally threw at Lantigua, there's no doubt about that. Then Lantigua charged at him like a steamroller. I sat there thinking "oh shit, force=mass x acceleration" and was sure that Robinson would die, but he did a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon move and kicked Lantigua in the chest, setting off a wild brawl which saw BJ Weed roll through the grass with another one of Les Caps.

I guess Lantigua was justified to charge the mound, but what happened after was inexcusible. After the fight died down and people were heading back to their dugouts, Lantigua charged at one of the Spirit pitchers (I think Bicondoa, but maybe Robinson again?) from behind and shoved him setting off another wave in the brawl. For that action Lantigua should be suspended for at least ten games, but you know it won't happen.

I'll tell you what will happen, Robinson will probably get like 10 games and Davilla will get 3 or 4 and Lantigua will get a slap on the wrist and maybe a 2-game suspension despite the fact that he set off the ugliest brawl I've ever seen in the CanAm League and then escalated it.

Also, Boomer Berry, who started all of tonight's trouble, will get off without punishment for his bitch move in the first inning. Michel Laplante, who creates tension just by his presence and continuous bitching, will also receive no punishment, I'm sure.

It's all part of another episode of "Planet Miles."

IMPEACH MILES WOLFF NOW!!!! And kick Lantigua out of the league as rapidly as Robinson kicked that whopper-eating bitch in the chest. F@!$ QUEBEC!!!!!!

Of course, lost in all the drama tonight is the fact that the Spirit looked like total crap, losing 5-0. Josue Lopez is probably the most useless position player in Spirit history. He got his first hit on a routine ground ball into the shift that the 'shortfielder' booted. (It should have been an error) His horrific first base defense makes me long for the days of Travis Oglesby and allowed the 5th Caps run to score when he played matador-style defense on a hit down the line.

Bob Tewksbury, who the Spirit just added, was never particularly impressive with Worcester, so I'm not sure why he'll be any good here. I prefer Gilbert Gil, to be honest. I also prefer Gil to Roche, who had another wonderful night at the plate (not). The only silver lining is that we had no errors tonight, although that doesn't mean much w/ CanAm scorekeeping, as I counted 2 Spirit errors tonight on my personal sheet.

I'm fired up about a lot of things tonight, but I'll wrap it up by simply stating a few facts that we know right now:

1. Quebec is f**king bush league
2. Lantigua likes to indulge in triple-whopper sandwiches with SlimSlow before the game
3. Josue Lopez is horrible
4. The Spirit lineup as a whole is painfully mediocre and inconsistent
5. We are a very average team and major changes will have to be made to break out of this win one, lose one funk
6. When the Spirit don't get a dominant pitching performance, they have almost no chance of winning
7. The Spirit at least have some balls and are showing signs of life and togetherness, which will hopefully help the team and inspire them going forward... sometimes it takes something like this to wake up a stagnant team. I definitely liked that the Spirit didn't let Quebec get away with their bullcrap and I loved how they stood up for one another in the brawl. No one wussied out of it.

The silver lining w/ #6 is that we often do get gem pitching performances because we have a great starting staff. But the lineup is anemic, the defense is generally poor, and the team as a whole is very inconsistent.

The rubber game tomorrow is crucial - I believe Farley is pitching and he's been our ace so far. It's really important to win this series against Quebec both to show some life and just to beat those @-hole bastards from up north.

Look out for fireworks tomorrow.


DaveCo said...

Agreed with Joe on everything he wrote.
The way that team runs just makes everything so unfair for everyone else. We WILL be suspended big time for these actiosn. Quebec WON'T be suspended at all or will be very little. AND WE WON'T KNOW WHAT THE SUSPENSIONS/FINES WILL BE!

The way that Miles runs stuff just makes me liviid & very aggervated/pissed sometimes.

We all know something's gonna happen tomorrow.....and since I don't have a camera,I'd suggest someone DEFINITLY bring one to capture something.

PPS: Suspend Lantigua for the year!
Robinson shouldn't really be suspended for long. When you have a 2-ton freighter coming at you ya gotta defend yourself somehow

wooden said...

Joe - You can kill the previous post without hypocrisy -- it's not a Quebec Capitales response, it's an screenscraper e-mail that's cued on keywords.

That said, let's see what happens with the suspensions. If uncle Miles wasn't in attendance, then all the league office has to go by is the umpires' report, which are generally more bland (i.e. fair). If his b!tch-@ss son was there, then we're screwed. I'd invite him to respond, but the only e-mail address I have on him [spammers, please read:] is nearly two years old.

Joe Grav said...

No, the game was on LynnCam, so it's all captured on tape. I'm guessing Miles will mostly focus on the part of the tape where Robinson kicked Lantigua in the chest. (Which was certainly illegal, but also very, very cool)

Scott said...

Wait, what Boomer Berry did was NOT bush league... the Spirit 3B was mocking him and holding up the ball and when the ball came loose when Berry ran into the tag the Spirit players cried foul and got the call to go their way. I understand these teams don't like each other, but it's only fair to report things accurately.

Stoop Kid said...

Can anyone find a video of the fight? I was there last night and I couldnt believe it. I go to about one spirit game per season, and i ended up going to the one with the brawl.

Anonymous said...

"It's really important to win this series against Quebec both to show some life and just to beat those @-hole bastards from up north."

Just too bad you didn't... loser

Anonymous said...

Spirit fans are so full of shit one can hardly see where the fans stop and where that gigantic asshole of Vic Davilla starts.