Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brockton "Hex" rolls on.....

What is it about Campanelli Stadium?.

Was it the playoff finals loss?. Was it the midday start time?. Whatever the cause, the Spirit can't seem to buy a win in the city of champions.
Without a box score one can't be sure, but with nine hits scattered across the day it seems that old friend John Kelly gears up when he goes against the hometown boys, getting stronger as the game goes on.
As has always been the case with John, Ya' gotta' get to him early.

Does anyone else sense the bad Ju-Ju around this team recently?. Lethargy may be too strong a word, but is the only one that comes to mind. Even Slugger looks to be doin' the Thorazine shuffle out there.

Manager Vic Davilla's shuffling at the top of the order worked well enough the first time around, however the lack of production from the suppossed RBI guys is Killing the offense on a nightly basis.

This is the opportune time to get on a roll with the impending trip to Quebec coming up fast; another venue where the Spirit sometimes find difficulty scring runs. No dobt the atmosphere will be electric @ La Stade.


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