Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blame the Yankees (ASG Live Blog)

It's 1-0 NL in the 1st - I blame Derek Jeter. Why? Because. He grounded into a double play in the first inning and failed to make a ridiculous diving play to prevent the first NL run. I guess that will happen when the Yankees have no chance of taking advantage of home-field in the World Series. ;) EDIT: And A-Rod makes an error in the 3rd... and he gets gunned at the plate in the 4th....... YANKEES SUCK! They are tanking it to ruin our chances of getting HFA

My favorite All-star break tradition is thinking of random lists of players to pass the time. Here are two.

The North Shore Spirit "All Mediocre List"
-Guys who were decent enough that you strangely remember their name, but weren't particularly outstanding.

C) Onix Mercado
1B) Fran Riordan
2B) Mike Granger
SS) Yuri Sanchez
3B) Jason Startari
LF) Eddie Muth
CF) John Schmitz
RF) Luis Sabino

SP) Jake Mullis
SP) Mike Hoyt

The North Shore Spirit "We Hardly Knew Ye" List - Self explanatory

C) Brian Lentz
1B) Dan Batz
2B) Erick Meijias
SS) Robert Tewksbury
3B) Zach Strong
OF) Kevin Pitts
OF) Jose Castellanos
OF) Chad Gabriel

SP) Jose Brazaoban
RP) Ryan Warpinski

Spirit All-Time All Stars (I did this last year, but I went back over it to see if I changed my mind on anything)

C) Frank Charles
1B) Vic Davilla
2B) Marcos Agramonte
SS) Chris Rowan - Mainly due to lack of competition, let's hope Gil Gil can challenge!!
3B) Mike Torres - I think it's fair to bump Teilon for Torres at this point, although I'm not a huge fan of Torres's defense.
OF) Brian Macchi
OF) Rob Fischer
OF) Carlos Sepulveda

SP) John Kelly
RP) Kevin Fitzgerald

All-Names Team
Jake Mullis/Jake Wallis
Garret Weir/Garret Greer
Dan Batz
Andrew Wishy
Anyone named Josue


Anonymous said...

Josue is playing for Brazil. GOL! GOL! GOL!

wooden said...

I'll have to strongly disagree with you on Yuri Sanchez -- yes, he faded at the end, but in 2003 to 2004 he was one of the two or three best SS's in the league, providing stellar (I have NEVER seen anyone with more range to his right) though not consistent defense and with speed surpassed only by Marcos.

Anonymous said...

NOT fair to replace Teilon with Torres at this point.
True Torres is hitting well and has some clutch hits and HR's but...
Until he can hit a HR as ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN' HUGE as the one Teilon hit in Quebec a couple years ago and send us on in the playoffs no way.. not yet.
Teilon also did a servicable job at the corner considering his shoulder as blown, he played in pain and was a converted outfielder.
I feel he was underappreciated at the time, and apparently still is.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Tony LaRussa for NOT bringing up Pujols in the ninth.....'preciate it.
Albert's got a beef.

DaveCo said...

Wooden makes for a good argument on Yuri's behalf. I,myself,think Joe's all medicore and all time lists are pretty good. i can't really disagree with any names on there,except maybe Onix who did a better job than I think he's credited for. And to Anon-I also think that Teilon did a good good playign for us,but believe Torress is definitly our best 3B.

It was kind of funny to see some of these names and remember some of the things associated with each player......good job Joe,I needed a good laugh. XD

ALSO,I have a suggestion for the medicore list--Travis Oglesby. :-p

DaveCo said...

All-Names Team
Anyoen named Lopez

Anonymous said...

Add Jason Radwan to the "we hardly knew ye" list.
Nice home run off Matos (thanks Vic).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Eric Storey should be on that list too.