Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've been slipping, I know...

Due to work and sleep and other crazy stuff like that, I've missed the last two games and posting has been scarce.

Looks like we had an exciting walk-off win today, 3-2, over the Surf - see the game story on the Spirit site.

Last night looks to have been 'one of those games' - we hadn't had one in a while, so I'm not too worried about it.

2 out of 3 against a resurgent Atlantic City team is a pretty good way to kick off the homestand.

Now it's time for a day off after a whilrwind 8-2 start to the 2nd half before a series against the Nashua Pride.

Then, we are off to New Haven, and I will be taking a few days off from work to take the trek down to CT and watch that series. I can't wait!

See you all at the park on Friday night.



Anonymous said...

Looked good last night UNTIL...
D-Rob inexplicably threw the ball past third into right field. The throw was close to noone.
3rd bagger seemed stunned the throw was made (there was no play on)and 2 runs scored opening up a 4 run inning and there went the game.
Too bad, we seemed to have em' on the ropes.
Langdon was due to look poor; although his ERA is good and he leads the league in appearances, he wasn't sharp.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently at the Cape Codder in Hyannis. I just went to a Hyannis Mets game and the pitcher for Hyannis (Matt Daly) threw a no-hitter. I have a Cape League program with BC pitcher Terry Doyle's pitcher on the front. I'll bring you one!!

Go Spirit!!! Joshua