Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nine-hit wonder

Chris Farley had some not-so-savory moments in this game (two hit batsmen, two horrendous wild pitches, and nine hits), but he pitched through them all and tossed a complete game shutout to lead the Spirit to a 4-0 victory tonight over Sussex, giving North Shore the series victory over the hapless Skyhawks.

The Spirit were being no-hit by Ryan Lobban until the 4th inning, when Gary Roche and Jerson Perez led off the inning with a pair of singles. Roche moved to 3rd on a wild pitch then came home to score on a sac fly by Luis Lopez. BJ Weed's RBI single brought home Perez to give the Spirit a 2-0 lead.

Farley and Lobban traded goose eggs from there on out. Then, in the 8th inning, Jamie Merchant came in to pitch for the Skyhawks and proceeded to let the game get away. Luis Lopez blasted a 2 RBI double to the left field wall to increase the Spirit's lead to 4-0, which would be the final score.

Chris Farley retired the Skyhawks in order in the 9th to nail down the complete game, 9-hit shutout. The generally quiet crowd somewhat came to life w/ 2 strikes and 2 outs in the 9th, cheering on Farley to a game ending strikeout of Larry "Once a Pride, Always a Pride" Bethea. (This was probably because there was a large enough clot of us standing and raising a ruckus that it caught on with others throughout the park.)

SUS 0 9 0
NSS 4 8 0

Now: on to Brockton to end the first half.

Elsewhere in the league, the Jackals clinched the first half title with an 8-0 win over Worcester. Nashua was off, so the Spirit are now 1 game behind the Pride for 3rd.


DaveCo said...

Ya-Farley was stellar tonight,as usual,proving why he's the 5th best pitcher in this league. the ptiching this year is phenominal again.

We have the best pitcher in the league (Bishop), the 5th best pitcher, and the 10th best pitcher (Bicondoa). We also have led the league in many team pitching stats. I'll just echo what Donny (??) said tonight-"If only our hitting could be as good as our pitching." Or even half as good.....

PS: Best part of the game: Sweet Caroline w/ Willy XD

Anonymous said...

Farley has the 2 and 3 hitters to thank for the CG. After gettin'....let's say a little "loose" in the eighth, those two pad runs allowed him to return for the ninth. It appeared that Vic was gettin' the hook ready with the pen up and hummin'.
Fact is, we ALL have the two and three hitters to thank as they provided almost all the offense.

Josue- Josue, Josue, Josue, Josue- Josue couldn't help the stiff with only a weak dribbling ground out prevented Lopez from acheiving the Golden Sombrero..... guys a bum.


Anonymous said...

Been to Their home page (standings) lists the Spirit as first half winners.

Anna Jack has played Holman Stadium as well. At Nashua, I sit in the Lechers' Section; the show is better with my neighbors' commentary, especially after Ken Cail announced that fans "would see more of" Anna later in the game.

Rich "El Guapo" Garces won against the hapless Cutters on Friday and Sunday--after coming in in the 9th and blowing a save both nights. The big guy is 4-0 but can't seem to nail down that tenth save.

Tom King in the Nashua Telegraph attributes the Pride's 5-game swoon (which includes the Spirit's series sweep) to the food-poisoning incident. A local vendor stepped in with some extra turkey sandwiches when Chick-Fil-A couldn't fill the team's order. The vendor is still a partner of the Pride and was featured in PA ads between innings even after the incident. King also reports that Jayson Bass is about to finish up in the Mexican league and is ready to return to the Pride, but our 4 Veteran slots are full with players we don't want to lose.

City of Nashua fireworks were delayed from Wednesday to Sunday. The Pride had a fireworks show on Saturday, but the marquee on Amherst Street still announced, FIREWORKS POSTPONED TO SUNDAY. Wonder how many carloads of kids drove right past when they saw this "news."

Willy told me (he was listening to Leahy more consistently than I was) that Ed Lantigua was traded to a team in the Atlantic League that Willy couldn't specify. I don't see confirmation on Willy is known to spread rumors designed to be self-fulfilling....


Joe Grav said...

I just perused the Crapitales message boards and found no mention to anything of the sort, so unless Willy has inside information (hahaha) we can be pretty confident that the Bloated Wonder will be on the field next time the Spirit play Les Cheatres.

Anonymous said...

Yaeh...that's it....
WILLY'S got the inside info..