Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not the way we wanted to end the homestand!

I wasnt feeling well today so I didnt make the game today, but I also know some of you were late or are travelling tonight, I figure I will give the story from the website, but if you guys that were there today want to post a recap feel free.

Pride sweep Spirit in twin bill finale
By Reid CarganSunday, July 29, 2007

In game one, Eiji Yano went the distance, and the Pride offense was jumpstarted by a five run first inning as Nashua rolled to a 9-4 victory.

The Pride exploded for five runs on six hits and a walk with two outs to start the game, batting around the lineup in the process. Luis Rodriguez, Chris Colabello, Jermy Acey and Richard Giannotti all chipped in with RBI singles.

The Spirit struck back quickly in the bottom half of the frame on an RBI single by Luis Lopez that scored BJ Weed.

Tom Creighton and Tommy Rojas each added a home run a piece for the Pride, Rojas doing it in his first game since joining the team.

The Spirit would chip away but not be able to do much damage against Yano, who pitched well enough to get the win, giving up four runs on five hits. BJ Weed would go 1-for-3 in the loss, scoring all of his team’s runs in the contest.

Game 2

A Spirit ninth inning rally falls just short as the Pride take game two of the double header by a narrow margin of 4-3.

In the second inning, Chris Colabello drove the ball to deep centerfield and BJ Weed climbed the wall only to have the ball pop in and out of his glove and go over the wall. The home run was Colabello’s eighth of the season and put hit team up 1-0.

The Spirit evened the score in the bottom of the fourth. Mike Torres roped a double to deep centerfield and Alex Trezza singled him in to bring the score to 1-1.

The Pride pulled ahead in the top of the fifth when former Spirit catcher Chris Torres walked and came all the way around from first on a double by Tom Creighton.

Bryan Duplissie’s ninth home run of the year made it 4-1 in favor of the Pride. Colabello came around on the long ball giving Duplissie his 28 and 29 RBIs of the season.

Spirit climbed back in the game in the bottom of the sixth. Weed and Gary Roche led with singles, then Mike Torres laced a double to the gap in right center of reliever Steve Palazzolo. Torres ran into an out however, getting thrown out trying to stretch it into a triple.

The Spirit threatened in the ninth against Rich “El Guapo” Garces. With one out, Jerson Perez blooped a single to right field, then Allen Mottram walked, moving Perez into scoring position. Garces got Weed to pop to third base in foul territory to end the game and pick up his 13th save of the season.

Nagasaka got his fifth win of the season, giving up three runs on five hits while striking out four. Palazzolo and Garces pitched one scoreless inning in relief apiece. Mike Torres went 2-for-3 with two RBI in the loss.

The Spirit travel to New Haven where they play the Cutters in a four game set starting Monday night July 30, first pitch at 7:05.

Quick Notes- Got some good information from the Radio Broadcast today from John Leahy during the pregame and between the games online. Really like the new web stream they have on

-According to the Pride Announcer guy Butch Hobson has done the Base thing before as manager at the Pride, one time he went and signed it and gave it to a kid in the front row, and once this season he did it in Nashua and took the base and went over to the Concession Stand in RF at Holman where the base is supposedly today. Learning that this was sorta an act kinda makes what happen a little less incredible, but yet still those times, Hobson never actually went up the stairs and into the stands like he did Friday.

-Now we finally got some news on the Vic Injury from Nick Lopardo who was visiting with John Leahy during the pregame show, first off Nick was a little critical of those who are wondering why the team arent able to come out and give us more details about things like the Vic Injury, saying we arent the Red Sox who have a staff of 70 just doing publicity and getting news out. Now to the details on the injury according to Nick the injury actually dates back to the end of last season, which might explain why Vic was hesitant to play this season at first, but having starting to play more again have recently had aggravated the injury making it worse. They had one guy look at it before Nick had Dr Bill Morgan look at it, and he saw that there was a break, and the surgery which is tomorrow morning had to be done, or otherwise Vic could had been looking at real long term damage to the hand and wrist that could affect him for the rest of his life. The hope is that in 4 to 5 weeks Vic could be good as new and be back in the lineup in time for the playoffs.

-Carlos Rodriguez is going to be the new first base coach for the Spirit, Nick was saying it is good to have someone like him around the team and someone who could be signed back if and when that might happen later in the season.

-Last night's Fireworks looks to be rescheduled for August 18th

-Also as you all know Friday Night is Doug Flutie Night, but Brent Connolly got good news today saying that the Doug Flutie Band will also be at the park, so I assume they might perform at some point then.


PS- John if I got any of those tidbits incorrect in anyway feel free to let us know


wooden said...

Jack - First off, thanks for the Vic update. Secondly, how did you manage to do that without 69 assistants?

Why does Nick insist on insulting our intelligence -- or for that matter, the intelligence of the average fan?

The fact remains: One intern could be devoted to doing news and information and it would be to the team's benefit, not detriment.

DaveCo said...

Mr Lopardo,

It's not that hard to get information out like that. Look at this blog,I know a lot of you guys do. This blog is run by mainly 2 or 3 people and give out a lot of information by what's given to us.
And we are busy people......with jobs and school (eventuallly) and other things.

If a bunch of teens,and some adults, can do this I'm sure that you can get one intern to send out a quick press release.

Hell,if the owner of the team can do it with like 5 min on the radio I'm completly positive someone can post something small on the website in 5 minutes.

Now as for the game,it was a blast. Even though we lost it was a fun time....and I must say the fans we meet from Nashua were awesome (and If you're reading this then welcome!). I hope that the Spirit offense can wake up again down in New Haven.

ALSO,I find it AWESOME that C-Rod is coaching 1st base for us now,even though he got kicked off the team for......something......
*According to sources*

Anonymous said...

The Spirit Preppies did their usual thing, shouting the names of notable disasters in sports, Hollywood, etc., as the pitch was on its way--as though the batter had time to listen to them and understand how really clever their remarks were. Or as though anyone else cared to.

And when we Pride fans tried to start our harmless chant of OL-MO, the Preppies drowned us out with random noise.

It is only the alpha-male walrus of the herd that insists that no one else have any fun. Please grow up.


Joe Grav said...

You're like 72 years old and travel all around to go to baseball games. I don't have any problem with that, I think it's cool, but don't tell me to grow up. Thanks.

And 'drowning you out' was part of having fun... and we enjoyed going back and forth with the other Pride fans... they were good people.

Do you expect home fans to not drown out away fan noise?

Anonymous said...

Someone's a little cranky......