Saturday, July 28, 2007


Doubleheader tomorrow at 1 PM (Weather permitting)

No news on how Vic got hurt, because the Spirit "PR" "team" probably doesn't think it's very important.

I'll try to get the scoop at the park tomorrow.


wooden said...

Guys - Thanks for the update on Vic; not surprised by the lack of info -- I get more Spirit information here than anywhere else. And it's sad, because it's not like there's some three dozen colleges in the area that MIGHT have some sophomore majoring in, say, Journalism or Communications who'd be interested in an internship (read, Spirit Staffers: someone who'd be willing to work for free) that could communicate this information.

DaveCo said...

It's not that they don't have someone or enough people to get the news out there.
It's that they give out news on a "need to know" basis,and-simply-we don't need to know.

ALSO: The Hobson tirade is on Youtube now. Just go to my post on the main page for the link,it's before Joe's.

PS: I will prob be late tomorrow. I'm going to see the Simpsons movie at 11ish.

wooden said...

And we don't need to know why the best hitter in the CanAm League is not playing because...?

How did Vic hurt the wrist, BTW? HBP? Swing? Cheap shot at first by a Les Klansman?

And thanks again for the youtube post -- legendary tirade.

DaveCo said...

Apparently every injury is a on a "you don't need to know" basis for everyone but the team.

It'd be nice for fans to know why they aren't playing and how it happened,but for soime reason they just don't feel like telling us. Which I think is pretty sad.
They can't take 5 seconds out of the day to tell the fans why some injured playuer is otu,the reason,and for how long. It's a news story to post on their site that'd take like a minute or two to write and post......not that hard.

And yolur welcome for the footage. Me and Brent tried getting it to the news stations around here,but the file was just too big to send to them. ='[