Sunday, July 15, 2007

Off-day thoughts

How appropriate

-I do solemnly swear that no matter what happens over the next seven days, I will not criticize Josue Lopez. Even if he gets six Golden Sombreros. He's bought himself that much good will with the 5-for-5 night in Brockton and the game winning homer the other night.

-Again, props to Brockton radio for the great job they do with the postgame show.

-We start the 2nd half with 7 really rough games: 4 in Worcester, then the big showdown for 3 games in Quebec. We will learn a lot about this team's readiness to challenge for the 2nd half title in the very first week. Let's see how this goes.

-We keep having these moments where it seems like the offense is alive. Maybe the re-setting of the records will take a load of pressure off tshe boys and let them keep performing the way they did last night.

-I'm gonna try to go to Worcester for one of the next 4 games and get some pictures.

-The Yawkey League had its all star game today at Fraser Field.

-Check out my photos from last night.

-Every year I roll my eyes as the ESPYs--- one of 16 annual ESPN celebrations of how great and wonderful ESPN is--- approach. But every year I watch them, and every year I am entertained. And yet, I hate myself for it. :)


DaveCo said...

** BREAKING NEWS (that's late): I went through the Item from yesterday. In it there was a report saying that Josue Matos is out for the rest of the year due to a back injury. Thought I'd share.....

** I went to the Yawkey League All-Star game today. One tema won 12-2. I have no idea who was who,but this was really good baseball--a couple of these guys made some great plays.

** Last night was insane. if only our offenese could be half as good as that every night we'd be a lot better off. I have a suggestion as well......I say we make Vic DH and alternate between Josue and vic every other day or so. That'd be both cool and allow for vic to play. His mere presence does seem to make things better. This would also allow for Vic to hit and possibly play.

** For my photos from Brockton go to

** I shall make my video of yesterday's trip tonight and tomorrow on my way to Hampton Beach! ^_^

Joe Grav said...

LADANIAN TOMLINSON BEST MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR?????? SERIOUSLY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Tiger or Federer hands f'in down!

Anonymous said...

Joe, come tomorrow. I'm going for my birthday!! Hope you can come!!