Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mea Culpa

That just brings a tear to my eye......

The Spirit pounded Brockton tonight, 14-3, and Josue Lopez had quite possibly the best game any Spirit positon player has ever had. He went 5-FOR-5 with a triple (Dave thankfully has video of this amazing feat), a double, and three singles. Truly unbelievable. Ever since Leahy compared him to Mo Vaughn, he's got 7 hits... so keep it up. Jo-sue might actually be turning it around - which would be huge! WOOOO!

Our thoughts on tonight's MVP:

In addition, Vic returned. North Shore improved to 4-0 with Vic Davilla in the lineup, although Vic did go just 1-4 with a cheap hit in the 9th. I really hope he stays permanently this time.

For the record, WE CALLED IT TONIGHT!! hahahahahaha....

Post game reactions in the car:

Chris Farley didn't have his best stuff tonight, giving up 8 hits in 6 innings, but in a very unSpirit like fashion, North Shore escaped a lot of jams tonight AND were opportunistic at the plate --- and won the game by 11 despite only having 1 more hit than the Rox. When has THAT happened this year?

Gary Galvez was cruising along for Brockton until the 3rd, when Tony Gonzalez dropped a routine fly ball into right by Luis Lopez. That opened the floodgates for the Spirit, leading to an 2RBI double for Josue "MY MAN" Lopez with 2 outs to open the scoring. Jerson Perez added another RBI to make it 3-0.

A job very well done....

In the bottom of the 4th, Gonzalez atoned for his error with a solo blast to right to make it 3-1, but it was as close as Brockton would get.

The rest of the game was a hit parade:
Torres RBI single in the 5th off of Galvez...4-1
Luis Lopez RBI single in the 6th off of Galvez...5-1
Top 6: Josue Lopez scores on a DOUBLE STEAL off of Luis Carreras...6-1
Top 8: Josue Lopez legs out an RBI TRIPLE...7-1
Stevens then came in for Brockton in the 9th and the wheels really fell off:
Luis Lopez brings in two on an E-6 by de La Cruz...9-2
Josue Lopez makes it 5-for-5 with a ribbie single...10-2
BJ Weed with 2RBI single...12-2
The Rox put in right fielder Tony Gonzalez to pitch... he walked Chris Wood and Mike Torres with the bases loaded to make it 14-2.

Yes... Fun IS Good....

Jamie Baker, Donny Langdon and Derek Drage combined to pitch the last three for the Spirit. They were all a bit shaky, but got the job done.

I think everyone can agree with this one.

Hey, at least the Rox had a FEW things to cheer about:

Vic didn't have a very good night...

And Sumo Wrestling always keep the patrons happy. I think the idiot in the red is Chris Miyake. It WOULD sum up his night... :)

Superman, Spirit style........

"It's all fun and games until you [opens the fan scroll] CATCH THE SPIRIT!" -Eric Roberts

Also, I want to add that I called in to the Rox postgame show after the game. First and foremost, the Rox postgame show is GREAT. Why can't we do stuff like that?

The host is awesome, as well - and we had a nice chat. I avoided 'rubbing it in' as best as I could. ;)

At the end, he said that he knows that the Spirit fans have a blog... and that broadcasters around the league read it and pick up valuable information on the Spirit. He also greatly complimented the diehard Spirit fans out there -- we were all over Campanelli tonight.

So, Can-Am broadcasters...thanks for reading... and you're welcome. :)


DaveCo said...

Words cannot express the absolute blast it was to attend this game. This game was terrific.....and the ending,both in the 9th and on the ride home,was perfect.

I still can't believe how well Josue did tonight.....that was just absolutly great. It was also great to see Vic in the lineup again. Even though he did bad tonight in the lineup, somehow we seem to do better jujst with his presence.

I took some vids and pic,i'll probably end up making a short video tomorrow or monday of the events. Let me know if you have any song suggestions for it,leave them here or something.

DaveCo said...

ALSO: Meow,meow,meow,meow.........

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joe.


P.S. When I see you again, tell me all about the trip!!

Anonymous said...

Good times.... Big fun (which is good) @ Campanelli. The crowd was great and not overly intoxicated which made for a refreshing departure from some other trips to Brockton. The GoldKlang group does most things pretty much right; I wonder... are THEY in the Casino business?.
Tune is Monday to see if the Spirit can pull the handle on three gold bars, or if they roll a seven.

Knock Knock.....

Place your bets for the next game and see if the Spirit can give us three gold bars, or if they roll a seven ;)