Monday, August 20, 2007

Rumors And Tranactions And Pitchers......Oh My

An anonymous poster has left a comment saying that Dennis Robinson has left the team "in order to go to school". This makes sense since school starts up in Septemeber.....but this is just a rumor. still,if true this woud be a big blow to the Spirit as we would again be down a starter and have one of our better pitchers (save a few games) gone.

Out of curiousity I went to the Can-Am site & was looking at the transaction wire to check this out and didn't see him gone. However two pieces of activitity caught my eye.....

North Shore: Released OF Anton French.
This took them long enough to post up. He's been gone since Friday,according to reports. this realy only caught my eye cause it said "North Shore" in the front....the next one caught my eye for a few reasons.....

Brockton: Traded RHP John Kelly to New Jersey in exchange for future considerations and two players to be named later.
Why would brockton trade John Kelly,the best pitcher in the league (behind Chris Farley XD), to New Jersey for 2 players to be named later and future considerations? I can undertsand that New Jersey needs him to keep in the hunt for the overall best record,but Brockton REALLY needs good pitching to help keep them in the playoff race. Brockton may get a good deal out of this in the end,but right now I don't know if it was the right least if they want to get into the playoffs.

This trade really confuses me....any thoughts?

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Joe Grav said...


Brockton has no chance to make the playoffs.

wooden said...

Obviously, John Kelly will be returned to Brockton. There's one PTBNL. The question is: Who's the other?

Anonymous said...

Kelly's last year and he wants to be on a team that has a chance to win the championship.