Monday, August 20, 2007

Who's Now, Part 4

Part 3 Results:

#1 Vic Davilla def. #16 Seth Bataan, 7-0

#9 BJ Weed def. #8 Joe Calfapietra 5-2

#4 Bode Miller def #13 Allan Mottram 4-3

#5 Hideki Nagasaka def. #12 Chris Colabello 6-1

Part 4 Matchups:

#2 Eddie Lantigua vs. #15 Alan Blotcher

#2 Eddie Lantigua

Who: Capitales infielder

Pro: Probably the best player in the league. Beloved in Quebec.

Con: If people like him in Quebec, he must be an asshole. Oh wait, he is.

#15 Alan Blotcher

Who: Complaining fan in section G

Pro: Long-time fan; good for a laugh; drives us to away games

Con: Complains about everything. Has less athletic talent than me.

#7 Julie Wetherbee vs. #10 JC Huguet

#7 Julie Wetherbee

Who: Former PR chick for the Spirit

Pro: BC grad [I'm not particularly proud of this, however], went on to have a very successful career post-Spirit with the Celtics; rumor has it that she is going to be on a TV show next year. Brought a lot of energy to those pointless on-field games.

Con: I never thought she was all that good at her job [although, to be fair, she was probably the most skilled person ever to hold this position for the Spirit, which is pretty sad]. She's not 'now' either, she's from '04. Also, she wore the same pair of shorts every day. Or, at least, it looked like it.

#10 JC Huguet

Who: Atlantic City pitcher and pitching coach

Pro: Takes on two jobs; is a pretty good pitcher

Con: I actually had to look him up because I forgot who he was since we made this bracket

#3 Wilton Veras vs. #14 Slugger

#3 Wilton Veras

Who: Jackals IF, former Red Sox

Pro: Ex-MLBer, an elite player in the league, very well known by fans, 2004 champ

Con: "RED SOX RE-JECT clap clap clap clap clap"

#14 Slugger

Who: Spirit mascot

Pro: Little kids love him. Slugger gets PAID to party. Probably the most well-known 'member' of the Spirit.

Con: Probably the worst mascot I've ever seen, doesn't do anything special, and has this goofy expression on its face that is tres annoying, especially after 5 years.

#6 KO vs #11 DJ Mattox

#6 KO

Who: Rox mascot

Pro: Pretty legendary figure , even at Fraser, for his appearance here in 2003; very good, very funny mascot.

Con: Ugly as hell. Looks like Willy.

#11 DJ Mattox

Who: Worcester pitcher

Pro: An actual player in the league

Con: A fairly anonymous one

Well there you have it, four matchups. Go!


Joe Grav said...

2. Eddie Lantigua.


7. Julie Wetherbee.

Hail Alma Mater (I guess)

3. Wilton Veras

Even though he killed me in 2004.

6. K-O

I don't like mascots, but K-o is a legend

Grant Salzano said...

15) Botcher - Fuck Lantigua.
10) Huguet - the con was just too funny not to vote for him
14) Slugger - dude, veras effing sucked
6) KO - [shrug]

DaveCo said...

15) Alan--Gotta go with Alan on this one. I'd have to say I'd enjoy a party mroe with him than the 400+ pound freigther.

10) Huget--STILL works in this league,does two jobs,and the con was hillarious.

14) Slugger--pains me to say....but he's more now than Veras was. Still don't like him though...

6) KO--I will admit,he has his moments of glory. Prob more fun than DJ Mattox at a party and any mascot is more popular then the players in this league.

ALSO: DJ got sold to Kansas City back in June...but now I can;t find him anywhere.....did he just disappear off the face of the earth?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if everyone new this or not but Dennis Robinson has left the team. Im not exactly sure why but i did hear something abot him leaving to in order to go to school- makes sense since most colleges are starting shortly...

DaveCo said...

If we haven't posted some rumor about it on here then nobody knows.....since the team doesn't tell anyone anything.

Thanks for that rumor (since there's no REALY backing).....and if it's true (it DOES make sense) I'll miss D-Rob.

He was my hero ='[

wooden said...

I doubt it -- most 25-year-olds don't go back to school, particularly Phys. Ed. "majors" at academic powerhouses like Jacksonville University, especially those that transferred from another university.

Anonymous said...

Lantigua- Jus bcause

Huguet- anyone who can catch a game on Tues., and be the staring Pitcher on Wed. gets my vote. Besides Julie is a ditz.

Veras, because Slugger has NEVER been "now"; particularly with his Thorazine addiction.

KO- Mattox ain't got the stuff that KO has. He is CLOSE to what a Mascot should be ( you should see the Mascot for the Washington (PA) Wildthings!


Anonymous said...


wooden said...

2. A punk-ass bitch, but I'd take him on my team
10. Because I can't remember Julie, which goes to show you how impressive she wasn't
3. Because there's only one mascot more lame than slugger, and that's Uncle Slam
6. KO, 2003 edition -> She's now the TB mascot.

Anonymous said...

oh, she was impressive alright

wooden said...

OK, you made me google her and my vote remains unchanged. Judging from the image that came up, she still doesn't have enough face for her makeup.

Anonymous said...

Veras- He did play for the sox at one point
KO- I just love that nickname for a mascot.