Friday, August 31, 2007

Video Of Crazy End To Last Night's Game Vs NJ

Here's a video of the play to end last night's game. I suggest letting it load all the way THEN watch it.

It's not the best video ever,and I decided to follow the batter while he ran around the bases for once (STUPID! x_x) this sin't as good as I thought it would be in helping us decide.....but it still does the trick ;]



wooden said...

Just so folks see it:

Rule 7.10d
Any appeal under this rule must be made before the next pitch, or any play or attempted play. If the violation occurs during a play which ends a half-inning, the appeal must be made before the defensive team leaves the field.

Grant Salzano said...

it sure looked like a triple play to me.... the runner (hough was it?) never did tag up at second, and the second baseman tagged second with the ball. unless the runner ran back (and i dont see how he could have in the short span of about 2 seconds), that inning is over and the run doesnt score lol

Anonymous said...

look at the video real close. even though it doesn't show it, it is obvious the1) runner tagged up after the catch (it just goes out of frame before he touches second) and 2) the second baseman never touched second base, but it wouldn't have mattered if 1) is true. If NJ felt he tagged early, they needed to make an appeal play at second before all the team crossed the 1st base foul line. The writeups state there was no call at second base, which is correct because there was no out made there. It was a double play, and the run scored

DaveCo said...

If you know how phyics work and the movement of a body then you would know he didn't tag up.....even though it doesnt CLEARLY show him not tagging. It does go out of frame.....but to say he didn't is absurd. He clearly wouldn't have been able to tag.......and I'm one of their biggest fans saying that.

I am glad I heard someone say the player never tagged the base,cause I didn't even think about that orginally seeing the to put that relay in worked out better than i thought,as I also think he either never touched the bag or-more likely-,and i think-barely did.

SO....what I'm trying to say is I know he didn't tag and think that it should have been a triple play,becuase I believe the Jackal player did touch second-but barely

Anonymous said...

Thanks for confusing the SHIT out o' me daveco

Anonymous said...

After watching the video ad infinitum, I conclude he ( Hough ) could not have tagged, would have been the 2nd out in what should have been a triple play.
Nice to get e abreak once in a while.
When good things happen, the tend to keep happening....


wooden said...

Guys - it doesn't matter whether or not Hough tagged up at either 2nd or 3rd. Once the Jackals left the field, they lost the right to appeal the play. That's the rule.
It's just amazing to me that NOBODY on the Jackals bench knew that.

Anonymous said...

It DOES Matter!
We bitch when the Umpiring crew doesn't get it right (in our favor), but we should expect no more than for them to make the right call, which they did not.
Clearly, it was a triple play, and the crew blew the call.
Don't get me wrong, I'll take the win, but more often than not I just want the Umps to get it right.
Can't complain much when they do.