Friday, August 31, 2007

It's all lining up now...

With Atlantic City's 11-inning loss to the Grays last night, the Spirit have clinched the best record in the league for the second consecutive year. (Hooray regular season titles!) This guarantees 'home field advantage' (3,4,5) in the championship series, should we get that far.

With 4 games to go, the magic # sits at 2 to clinch the 2nd half title, which would give us the #1 wild-card team in the playoffs - currently Atlantic City. If Atlantic City comes back to win the 2nd half crown, they would still play us, as we would be the #1 Wildcard - but we'd have to start here and finish in New Jersey.

Playoff matchups right now:

1st Half Champ: New Jersey (hosts 1,2)
#2 WildCard: Nashua (hosts 3,4,5)

2nd Half Leader: North Shore (hosts 3,4,5)
#1 Wild Card: Atlantic City (hosts 1,2)

Relevant races:

2nd half title

ATC -2.5


2 Nashua -1.5
X Quebec -4.0


DaveCo said...

We're acutally hosting the first round.

Games one and two will be played at Fraser on Wednesday and Thursday.

wooden said...

The home team for Games 3-5 goes to whichever team wins the half.

DaveCo said...

It's already set in stone.

The Spirit organised it this way. It's because there are foootball games happening this friday and weekend.
If the Spirit do actuallly play three games here two things are bolund to happen with high school football just behind the outfield.....
1) There will be no parking in the entire area
2) More people will go to these games rather then go to the playoffs.

ALSO: We win more on the road =]

Joe Grav said...

We are giving up home field advantage in the first round because of high school fucking football? are you fucking serious? Does this league have zero concept of competitive fairness?

Anonymous said...

I don't see-- by league rule-- that the games COULD BE scheduled yet. The second half winner is yet to be determined and THAT winner gets games 3-5 at home. The SPIRIT must be out of their f'n minds to give that up in favor of gate receipts; that's just bad joo-joo all around. If true, we can kiss any chance we may have had good-bye. How is it the SPIRIT's perogative to determine the schedule anyway?. We'll hear more before this is over I'm sure.


wooden said...

Sparky's right: It's not up to the Spirit and you're assuming that Football games can't be played during the day or vice-versa.

The Spirit just clinched the 2nd half title, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Spirt have clinched second half championship

wooden said...

Go Nashua! (Seriosly, even if we don't have to face them in the first round, I've had enough of Les Klansmen).

wooden said...

Also, none of the playoff games in 2003, 2004 and 2006 were played outside of the regular times.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Wooden, I have seen enough of Les Cheatres and don't want to see them again. What are their #'s for elimination?.


wooden said...

Nashua's magic number is two. Best-case scenario: They win, Quebec loses. Go Pride! Go Tornadoes!

Anonymous said...

There is another option I bet hasn't even been considered by the Spirit management. The Spirit could select another site for parking and run free shuttle buses to the playoff games if arking is an issue because of %#$@ football.