Tuesday, August 07, 2007


This is exactly what the Spirit needed to do.

BRAVO to the Spirit organization.

From the front page of

To Our Fans

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Letter to Fans

The entire North Shore Spirit organization wishes to apologize to our fans for the unfortunate on-field incident that marred this past Sunday afternoon's win over Worcester. As we continue to strive to provide fun, family-oriented, and affordable baseball and entertainment for our fans, we want everyone to know that the Spirit does not condone such on-field behavior, and will not tolerate other misbehavior (for whatever reason).

When such blemishes on the Spirit reputation occur, they will be dealt with swiftly, and thus Mr. Rodriguez for his part in Sunday's fracas, has been both suspended and asked to leave the ball club.

Our ballplayers are educated each pre-season as to the expectations of being part of the Spirit team, and as representatives of the Spirit both on and off the field. If this code is broken, then they are asked to leave the club, as are fans asked to leave Fraser Field who break our code of Fan Conduct, posted at the park.

It is therefore, with all sincerity that the Spirit organization once again apologizes to our great fans.

See you at the park!


Anonymous said...

Please follw suit and have appreciation for the way this was handled by SPIRIT mgmnt..
We give em' enough grief when they boot one, we should give the props when they get it right.


DaveCo said...

Agreed wth Sparky.

Good job Spirit.....keep up this good work.

DaveCo said...

I love how they changed it from "A Letter to Fans" to "A Letter to Our Loyal SPIRIT Fans!"

Joe Grav said...

I've had a lot of criticism for Lopardo & Co in the past, but one thing I have never doubted is their commitment to having classy, professional ballplayers on the club.

Well done.