Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Swampscott Reporter gets it right

This editorial ran in today's Swampscott Reporter: Well done.

Swampscott -

Editorial: Losing the Spirit

We’re sorry to see the North Shore Spirit go. The loss of the professional baseball team that entertained us for the past five years at Fraser Field in Lynn is a disappointment.

At almost every game, there were Swampscott folks on the field, throwing out the first ball, having their Little League team honored, participating in the race around the bases or just having a good time.

And the loss of jobs should also concern the mayor and city council in Lynn, but reports we read say they’re mostly concerned about keeping things Spirit owner Nick Lopardo installed during his $2 million renovation of Fraser Field.

No matter. We’re sure the city of Lynn will do a great job maintaining Fraser Field. We saw the tremendous job it did with the Manning Bowl.

Oops, you’re right — the Manning Bowl just crumbled away and was torn down last year.

The Spirit’s loss is one more black eye for Lynn. That’s sad.


DaveCo said...

He's's sad and the field will go to a state of disuse and probably be condemned (again) with the Spirit's departure

DaveCo said...

Just wanted to let ya know.......Links to the online petition and this blog have been posted on

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

Video of Frasier Faithful at the last game is on

Anonymous said...

The reason the Swampscott reporter got it right is because their editor george derringer and his wife Pam are regulars at the games. He doesn't cover the games for the paper-- he goes as a fan & has truly caught the Spirit. Thanks for the great editorial george!
And I'll sign this as anon #1 so I'm not confused with the other anon, who is the disgruntled Mottram fan

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

Thanks Dave. I'm sitting her crying I'm so sad the Spirit might not come back. I've cried every night I'm so sad.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Fraser Faithful! You looked and sounded great on! Keep up the great work! What' next? CNN?
anon #1

Anonymous said...

The problem with the spirit is the ownership....Nick's passion for his team was his biggest problem. He never let the professionals that he hired do their jobs....he was always getting in the way, and that rubbed fans and sponsors the wrong way

Anonymous said...

That was always a legitimate complaint.