Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why not?

At Sparky's behest, let's Email the Goldklang Group suggesting that they buy the franchise.

It can't hurt.

If you have two seconds, why not?


DaveCo said...

Done and done

I hope they seriously consider buying this team. It'd be good so many levels

Anonymous said...

Do they own or just run operations for Brockton? Doesn't really make a difference - just curious. Anything the could keep the team in Lynn would be great.

Anonymous said...

I also sent e-Mail to Marvin Goldklang of the G.G., imploring him to SOS (save our Spirit.
Naive?, perhaps but what can it hurt?


Anonymous said...

perhaps a post of e-mail adresses we can write to? Lynn Item
Mayor Clancy
City Attorney
Goldklang grouup
Mike Veeck

anyone else you can think of?

Minuteman11 said...

To answer the question about the Goldklang group, they own six teams. Here is their website:

The Brockton Rox are blessed to have such professional and creatively thoughtful ownership. They never take their paying customer for granted and they never make excuses. They find a way to succeed.

I'm a Rox fan but I lament the loss of the Spirit. I used to love going to away games at lovely Fraser. I hope the Goldklang group does consider placing a team at Fraser. I heard a rumor once that they were interested in a 2nd Mass. operation. Although I'm not sure how they would handle the whole rivalry thing. One thing I can say for certain if they did operate a team there, they would try harder than Lopardo. They would do better than him becuase they believe in direct selling and putting customers first. I keep hearing about how hard Lopardo tried, and I'm sure he did try, but it seems in certain instances he just threw money at things from on high and got impatient when things didn't quite go as planned.

It also seems that the Mayor was a bit ham-handed in all this.

DaveCo said...

I too wish they purcahse the team as I've heard nothing but good things about the way they run things. They also seem to care more than Lopardo did,as I believe he did kidn of throw money out there and get impatient a little.....but still did a good job. This org. seems a lot more commited though,so I think they'd do good. And I also heard that 2nd ma. team rumor i think that things are sounding good. =]

As for the whole "rivalry thing".....There really isn't a REAL rivalry between these two teams,it's friendly if anything.....the Spirit's REAL rivals were,and always will be,Quebec.

Minuteman11 said...

Well said, but I think I left out some facts in my last post. Goldklang, seems more like an entity which assumes the complete marketing of a team and some of the operations. As to who buys a team or owns a team, that seems like a more complex thing. Thare are multiple owners. My understanding is that Van Schley is the principal owner, while Bill Murry and others own a share. I'm not sure if Goldklang owns a team as much as they are entrusted with a team's success. The team is like a client to them. This is how I understand it, but I could be wrong or not entirely clear on the subject.

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I wrote to that email and asked them to help Save Our Spirit. But I still hope Nick decides to stay.

Anonymous said...

One thing I still can't understand. You have a business with 2500 customers coming through the door every time you open. (Or in the case of the Pride, 1500, even.) Enviable! And, under the miserly Can-Am roster rules, you're not spending the bank on your on-field talent. Why can no one spend less, so as to match spending with income? Are there preconceived notions (such as, the team must own a world-class web site)? Why is there no way to make the numbers work?


Joe Grav said...

I think Nick's businesses expenses were higher than anyone else's obviously. My theory is that a lot of people in the front office received salaries that paid far more than that they were actually worth.

Anonymous said...

Joe's right about the salary thing, thats the only reason I got Wayne's job, I did twice the work for half the pay.

Cathy McDonough

Anonymous said...

Dave is such a dork...

DaveCo said...

Thank you