Saturday, September 15, 2007

Videos and Pics from the Last Game.

Warning, this will take a minute to load, lots of pictures.


Jonathan's last post-game wrapup

Prepare to be sick - the last out

Chairs for some of our biggest fans :)

Vic's final at bat

Trezza's last at bat

The end.

Goodbyes in the parking lot

One last Dominican Hop.


Anonymous said...

Joe, from reading your blog and talking to you at Fraser, you truly certainly have a great appreciation of the Spirit, not to mention baseball in general.

All of you have great memories of what the Spirit brought to you over the years, and you, David C, and many others literally grew up with the team.

As I told David, if I hadn't been covering the games, I would've sat right with all of you watching the Spirit these many years. They were truly fun to watch, with so many wonderful players over that time.

One suggestion I have for you: How about conducting the all-time Spirit all-star team? For example, who would you choose behind the plate, Frank Charles or Alex Trezza? Both of them were solid performers behind the plate, and knew how to handle a pitching staff. You could throw it out to everyone, and they can make their picks as well.

As I also emailed Dave, we should have a Spirit fan Breakup dinner sometime, and I'd be very interested in attending. Please let me know if you guys will plan one.

Thanks again for your knowledge of the game, fandom, and enthusiasm, and have a blast at BC!!

Jonathan Weiner

Anonymous said...

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