Saturday, September 15, 2007

These were the best of times,these were the worst of times....

It'll probably be a few days,but I'm going to write about all the times we've had (the good,the bad,the sussex) and all the people I've had the pleasure of knowing.

In the meantime I wanna say that last night was extremly saddening. And I am also happy I got to say goodbye to a majority of everyone. I am still extremly glad that we can still communicate through this blog and am thrilled at the concept of reunuions and road trips int eh comign year(s). I also want to post this picture below, I saw it flash across my computer screen and cropped it.

But,for now, let us take a moment to reflect on the memory of something truely wonderful for not just this city and this area,but also for all of the fans and players that crossed throguh those gates.


EDIT: Dear Anon Mottram fan:

Mottram was alright,but not the best player we had. His presence on the field wouldn't have made a significant impact.
You keep saying he has 2 rings & should've played and we would've porbably won.....he was a backup! He is the equivilant,to me,of the utility player used only a hadnful of times,doesn't hit well,yet still gets a ring cause he was on the team.

Please shut up.

Your friend,


icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I don't like the RIP at the bottom of this post. I'm not giving up yet. Somebody had a Beleive sign at the game Friday and that's what I'm going to do BELIEVE. We have a field and the North Shore Spirit exercised an option for 2008 on almost all the team. There's no reason we can't bring them back. Nashua was going to fold this year and decided to give it 1 more year. I'm still doing everythign I can to SOS. Please help em and don't give up.
Keep sending the peition around
Please don't give up yet and hep Save Our Spirit

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

And don't forget you can download petitions at
Anyone that has signed peititions let me know. I want to get them all together and give them to Mayor Clancy and Nick Lopardo this week then get more and give them a second bunch in a couple of weeks. If anyone is going to a Sox Game print out some peitions and take them. SOS

Anonymous said...

David C, you, Joe, Jonathan, Jack, Sparky and so many others were a blast to see each and every night when I went to cover the games. All of you were devoted fans, who bled red, white, and blue. Your dedication to the team wasa very spirited (pun intended).

And your appreciation of the team through good times and bad was incredible to see throughout the years. I especially liked how all of you can around on Josue this year after he got off to a horrible start after joining the club.

I saw Nick after the game on Friday, as I waiting to talk to Vic. Nick was standing at the top of the clubhouse steps, watching Nashua celebrate, and was standing very still. I approached him, thanking him for everything for the past five years, and he smiled and thanked me. I went back down the steps to wait for Vic, looked at Nick again, and he went back to the same body stance he had before I talked to him.

I'm going to have a piece, which is more like a rememberance, in the paper, either Monday or Tuesday. It'll talk about some of the players that wore the uni, mention many from throughout the years, and so on. Hope you have a chance to see it.

One of these days, I will upload all those great shots you took that are on the site. I know they're very good, and will be a pleasure to view!!

Thanks again to you, Joe, and the rest of the gang for your enthusiasm, fandom, knowledge, and just allout fun at the Spirit games throughout the years. If I hadn't been covering the games, I definitely would've sat with all of you, cheering the team on as well.

I'd love to get together with all of you soon, like a breakup dinner, just to celebrate the team and all the successes that it had. Definitely let me know!!

Jonathan Weiner

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the Globe story is running?

DaveCo said...

Like I said to you the other night as I left,you're doing an incredible job for someone not just your age,but any age. That picture/rip thing is really just a temporary I still hold out hope that either the team will be sold,or another team will come in and adopt the name,or SOMEHOW the team stays as is.
Keep up the great work,and goodluck with it.

and thanks jonathan. it's been a plasure to have known you through the years as well....and I'm lookign forward to reading your piece this week (maybe see some familiar fan names in it?...).

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I HAVE 381 SIGNATURES & AM STILL COLLECTING THEM. I'm still going to try to turn this around and bring the Spirit back next year! Please sign my online petition. there is a link on my blog and send the link to everyone you know. use the link on the right on my blog to download and print out a petition.
Take it to soccer practice, football practice, Red Sox games and anywhere else there are LOTS of people! Email me and I'll tell you how to get the petition to me so I can get them to Mayor Clancy and Nick Lopardo! I emailed the mayor some of the petitions but he didn't answer my so email so I'll have to take to his office in city hall.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, before I make any comments on everything, want to let you all know that the Spirit Article in the Globe North should be out this Thursday

Anonymous said...

I agree totally Victoria, we still really havent gotten any official word on the future, other than the reports in the paper. So there is a chance that things could be still worked out. So until we see other concrete signs that this is totally we got to to continue to Believe and spread the Petition.

Jonathan, It was a pleasure to get to know you over the last few years and you are a great guy. You were one guy who covered the spirit constantly and did a really good job for the Lynn Item, and it was cool to have someone cover the team for our local paper.