Monday, September 17, 2007

Want Copies Of Games? You're In Luck

I know that the loss on Friday still stings....but I also know that some people want to remember the Spirit not only in those DVDs I agve out....but also with the excellent play throughout games.
LynnCAM is selling DVD copies of all the games they've filmed this year.--including that final game.
SO....if anyone wants DVD copies of those games call LynnCAM @ 781-596-9641.

The dates we filmed are as follows:
May 30 Vs Grays
June 6 Vs Jackals
June 8 Vs New Haven
June 13 Vs Grays
June 20 Vs Atlantic City
June 23 Vs Quebec ("The Fight")
July 13 Vs Brockton
July 27 Vs Nashua (Hobon Ejection/Tirade)
August 3 & 24 Vs Worcester
August 31 Vs Jackals

Can-Am Playoff Semi-Finals: Sept 5/6 ; Games 1 & 2 Vs Atlantic City
Can-Am Championship Round: Sept. 14 ; Game 3 Vs Nashua (Last Game)

Just call 781-596-9641 and tell them you want a copy. (That includes people from other cities,if you can get to the station....or maybe we could arrange for it to be mailed. I honeslty don't know =p)

EDIT: That last game probably won't be ready for a few more days. Either by the end of this week or on monday. So if you were planning on getting the last game soon--sorry. ='[


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what games Trez hit home runs so I can order them for a little red headed Trezza fan? Thanks.

Joe Grav said...

damn, if I remember correctly I think we lost just about all those games lol.

I'll definitely order the final game just for memories' sake but did we win any of the other televised games?

DaveCo said...

Anon,I'm sure if someone scored those games they can go back and see. Joe or Dave would probably be your best bets.

lol......I'm not gonna say EVERY game,but Leahy once refered to us as a sort-of curse one day XD

And yeah....I posted this because I figured that most people might want the last game or another one or two for memories' sake. Like I said,just call the number.

I'm not sure on the price,but I'll try to see if I can';t get it to be a low price and maybe get some kind of bundle deal in there (SEE: Buy 3 games for X amount of $)

Eric said...

we won june 6 3-0

june 8 7-3

june 13 5-3

july 27 5-2

august 3 12-2

august 31 3-2

DaveCo said...

6 out of 10 regular season games we won when LynnCAM was there.......according to Eric. A winning record?
But I could've sworn that we 'd lost more games than we won when LynnCAM filmed....

John Leahy said...

To all of the dedicated bloggers:

I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for your dedication and your passion to this baseball team over the years. And thanks for making me feel at home after I took over for Donnie Boyle, I know how much he was revered around these parts.

Keep up that passion for baseball. It's good for the game.

Signing off,

John Leahy

Anonymous said...

Thanks John,
It has beeen a pleasure having you do the games and be part of the team.
Best wishes,
Jill and Dave

Anonymous said...

John Leahy
You've done an amazing job over the years as the voice of the Spirit. Please touch base with us every once in awhile.

DaveCo said...

I know it's alreayd been said,but it's been a pleasure knowing you over the years and you did an excellent good filling in for Donnie (although you're still going down in who's now XD).
As we said......keep reading and posting,this blog ain't going nowhere. =]

ALSO: Game 3 might take a while to get onto dvd. just a heads up

Joe Grav said...

Thanks, Spike - I really appreciate that.

We are delightfully zany, aren't we? :-p

We'll be up in Nashua next year for sure... hopefully.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of the CanAm transactions today? I thought the Spirit trading 2 for furute considerations was a little odd.

DaveCo said...

Just a tad bit odd.

Also: "Grays: Traded OF Chad Gabriel to North Shore to complete the May 23 trade between the teams."
Woohoo....we finally got him! XD

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen -- don't give up yet. A little birdie told me that there is a group interested in keeping the team here. Goldklang?

Joe Grav said...

That would fill me with so much joy I can't even describe it... and as much as I've ragged on the Rox GG would be the PERFECT owners.... ahhh, how legit is this source???

I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but you never know...

DaveCo said...

Don't taunt us realiable is this birdie? If you are wrong I shall track down you and egg your house. =]

and for the record, I still haven't given up total hope yet.....that comes on October 7 after the owners meetings. HOWEVER,the team-should it stay-porbably won't be the same and the experience shall change.

And I'm all for Goldklang buying the with Joe,I agree that they would be perfect owners! ^_^

Anonymous said...

The source is very reliable - he's in a position to know. Hey - it makes sense. We all know that Nick doesn't fool around - if he was going to disband the team he would have done it by now.He's a businessman. If he canrecoup some of his investment, he'll do it.
I'm sure that the team did not lose money this year -- look at all the sponsors on the website and those signs at ballpark bring in $8,000 each.Nick isn't as baseball person and neither are the people in management.The Spirit would be a very good situation for a group that is more knowledgable in the business of baseball

DaveCo said...

That's still not the best doesn't really clarify at all.
In the city gov? in spirit managment? other? what?

But I will agree,I think Nick has some sort of plan. Contracts have been excercised.....trades have been made (mostly just to complete earlier ones...)...and there has been no OFFICIAL report on the Spirit or league websites,just that one newpaper report and people saying it's over.
He has some plan in the works me thinks. HOWEVER,I can't confidently say the team is staying for sure (especially with this city's government).

Anonymous said...

I have also seen the transactions on the CanAm website. But I also called Fraser Field and Brent Connelly's extension he's gone-- listen to the voicemail message. Most of the other employees are also gone. I also talked to Nick and he said he's done. But on the other hand I heard from someone in the organization that they are watching this campaign to keep the Spirit in Lynn very closely. So I jUst don't know what to think.

Anonymous said...

Several players went up to the Atlantic League, which is still playing. "Future considerations," whether or not the Can-Am franchise has a future to consider, means: We did you, and the player, a favor and expect a favor in return. There are few bidding wars for Can-Am players; you lose one, you get on the phone with your contacts and sign one who might be as good or better--maybe a player from your past, a Nilson Teilon.

So Gabriel is a Spirit again? Wasn't it he with the baserunning blunder that made the final TWO outs during an exhibition game? Too bad LynnCam doesn't have this one; would be nice to see it in slo-mo and score this travesty correctly!

Already have a nice video of the big brawl and the bitch-kick, courtesy of DaveCo. (It would be nice to splice in video from the next day, of the combatants yukking it up in the Best Seats In The House and the owner's box.) Would like to have the DVD of Finals Game 3, as there is still a real possibility that it is the last game for two fine franchises.

The Pride was still selling the videocassette of "Stolen Bases," the narrative by Curt Gowdy of the championship 2000 season when ex-owner Chris English had a video crew following everyone everywhere. Sadly, this has never been transcribed to DVD.

Spirit executives are out of a job and knew it for some time. They are surely interested in interviewing for a new job at the same ballpark if new owners should come in. But it is not "their job." Matthew, the maestro of Pride music and sound effects, was amazed that in 2007 he got his job back without reapplying from scratch.


Anonymous said...

He spike, why not keep the Nashua Rah-Rah off this blog...we could live w/o it thanks.
You have a knack for rubbin' me the wromng way man

Anonymous said...

He Anonymous, when you talk with a large group of people, you will find some with different points of view. Generally that's okay. "Nashua rah-rah" is certainly okay, as it may be the only rah-rah left in the area.


Anonymous said...

Start a Pride Blog then..
This is not Pride blog south.

Joe Grav said...

Children... :)

DaveCo said...

Spike.....I actually have video of thatr basserunning blunder on youtube. copy and paste the following url:

As for the videos,we're senidng out videos to a few people out of state.....just email or call us with your info and well tell ya details (781-596-9641 and
and i did see the tape in question at the pride game being sold. It'd be easy to make it into a dvd,there muust be a tv studio aroudn there that cna do it, in a high school or the community station,and make copies.

and have a knack of rubbing US the wrong way. so please, kindly shut your yapper ^_^
well.....whichever one you are. i don't even know how many different anons there are anymore... x_x

DaveCo said...

sorry....the url is as follows: