Tuesday, September 18, 2007

F**k Clancy

I think you all know which side of this debate I come down on. All of that stuff is Nick's. We should do whatever we can to help him get it back.

I'm not the world's #1 Nick Lopardo lover, but I back him before I back that p.o.s. Clancy any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Call city hall, send emails, do whatever. F*** that rat.

"All your stuff are belong to us"
"We rite paper good!"


DaveCo said...

In the comments for that story "fed up" put it best:
"Mr. Lopardo has more class in his little finger than you'll find in all of City Hall. The mayor and city attorney are a disgrace. This city has ignored theSpirit and done nothing to help it thrive. No parades or banners when they came home as semi-final champions like Nashua had. Look at the most commented stories on here. Gangs, shootings, more gangs and grafitti. The only positive thing in this city is the Spirit and now they are gone."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Joe Grav said...


Anonymous said...

I would RAPE that place, not merely "pick the cupboard clean" as Mr. (ahem) Mayor stated.
Could the city take a more pious stance?; it's another attempted slap-in-the-face to Nick in my opinion.
Bring on gang wars, drug infestation and more slums; that's apparently what the taxpayers and voters in Lynn want from their city government, and with mayor Clancy, that's what they will get.
M* F*'n shame....

DaveCo said...

it is.....and LMAO @ end of original post XD

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on that story supporting Nick and I think everyone should do the same!

Anonymous said...

nick is an asshole

Anonymous said...

what i meant to say is that im an anonymous coward who says things behind a mask......never wishing to have my real identitity known

Joe Grav said...

Nick Lopardo may be an asshole, but at least he's usually successful at what he does (the Spirit notwithstanding, although honestly I don't think 2,300/gm is a 'failure')... Clancy and the rest of the clowns who run the city government in Lynn are miserable failures, period

I'm so glad I don't live in Lynn, and the only upside to the Spirit not being back is not having to go there and spend my money there.

This incident is a perfect example of the retardedness that pervades City Hall.

F*** Clancy!

Grant Salzano said...

"According to the lease, the Spirit own the modular clubhouse, team offices, concession stands and restrooms that the club installed to accommodate the team and staff. In addition, the team also owns 1,200 field box seats that were installed roughly 60 feet from the dugouts and the video scoreboard in the outfield."

...where's the issue?

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I wonder if I'm going to get the Spirit chair Mr. Lopardo is giving me or if the mayor is going to try to take it.

Anonymous said...

The only things the city are disputing are items permanently attached to the ballpark. Legally, he has every right to give you that chair. There's not a chance that the city would take a chair away from a 9 year old girl. That would cause serious mayhem and I would be the first one to contact every news station and newspaper in the state if it happened.

wooden said...

Let's put it this way. When the Lynn police broke into my house in 2005 without a warrant, Mayor Clancy wouldn't give my wife the time of day. When I faxed him a couple a weeks ago with, and I quote: "Atta boy, Chip. Way to show the entire North Shore that Lynn is NOT business-friendly. Nick Lopardo deserved better." Clancy called and demanded to speak to me, then dressed me down for 10 minutes.

In other words, he's more concerned with a out-of-state fax criticizing him than a city resident with a legitimate complaint.

And by the way, I wish I had thought of it then, but when he said "I don't give a shit who told you that," I should have said "Really, then why are on the phone with me now?"

Anonymous said...

I wrote E-Mail to Mike Veeck's assistant urging him ( G.G.) to consider taking over operations @ N.Shore., and urge you all to do the same; what can it hurt?.


Cassie Collins

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the Mayor is putting to rest any hope, as little as it may have been, of the Spirit and Nick returning to Frasier Field for one more year. What the mayor doesn't realize is that Nick and the Spirit don't need the city of Lynn, but the city of Lynn sure does need them. Frasier Field will turn into a dump and a hang out for druggies and thieves and other criminals.

And by the way, if it was written in a contract then the city doesn't have a leg to stand on as far as what Nick can take and can't take. Regardless of some of the things he has done, one can't argue that Nick Lopardo is not a smart business man.

A Spirit Fan

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that our mayor has basically chased the Spirit out of town, and now he can't leave well enough alone. Now he wants Nick to leave everything he put into the park here for a city that wasn't behind him. Thats disgraceful Mr. Mayor. You should be ashamed of yourself and just let Nick take his belongings and go to another town or city that will appreciate him. My only hope is that Nick stays near by and we can resume our "superfandom'. I know I will support Nick Lopardo just about anywhere he goes. Hopefully the team can stay together. With the comment in the Item about Fraser only meant to be for Lynn schools use, it makes it look like the mayor had it all planned to use Nick and his money until his lease was up and then toss him out.
P.S. Ashley Loves Josue!!!!!!

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