Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's next?

This blog ain't going anywhere, folks. What will we be up to?

-Talking baseball, of course. This is gonna be a fun September & October for Red Sox fans, and I can't think of anyone better to talk about it with than our group of Spirit fans.

-Reflections & memories. Old pictures and videos & posts about our best memories from 5 amazing years at Fraser.

-Attempts to 'save our Spirit'. We'll be helping Victoria's dogged effort to keep the fight alive to save the Spirit. We'll also be looking at different routes (NECBL, getting a new team in 2009, etc.)

-Who's Now (HAHA): Yes, we're actually going to finish that, I promise. I put it aside because there was too much great Spirit baseball to talk about.

-Reunions, get-togethers, etc.: Whether it be going out to other sporting events (Pride, Worcester and Brockton games next year, Bruins games, BC games, whatever), or just going to dinner or hanging out, I'm sure we all have a desire to get together with the rest of the group whenever we can. We'll post ideas here.

-Can Am in '08: IF we don't get a team of some kind on the North Shore in '08, I'll personally be rooting for either Nashua or Worcester (I'm not really sure who at this point) but we can definitely talk about CanAm League baseball next year and check out some games together.

-Following our favorites: We'll keep up with the careers of guys like Trezza, Fischer, JOSUE, Bic, and the rest of our Spirit favorites.


Anonymous said...

To start the CanAm 2008 Season Talk off here are the most recent transactions as posted on the CanAm League Web site:

September 11, 2007
New Jersey: Traded RHP Jon Hunton to Lancaster (Atlantic League) in exchange for a player to be named later.

September 10, 2007
Brockton: Traded LHP Rolando Viera to Camden (Atlantic League)in exchange for cash and a player to be named later.

September 7, 2007
North Shore: Exercised the 2008 option on the following players: RHP Jamie Baker, RHP Matt Bishop, RHP Gary Galvez, LHP Brandon Martin, LHP Joey Siak, C Alex Trezza, INF Gilbert Gil, INF Luis Lopez, INF Gary Roche, OF Joe Hough, RHP Ryan Bicondoa, RHP Derek Drage, LHP Donny Langdon, RHP Dennis Robinson, C Allen Mottram, INF Vic Davilla, INF Josue Lopez, INF Jerson Perez, INF Mike Torres and OF John Welch.

September 6, 2007
Grays: Exercised the 2008 option on the following players: RHP Richard Bartlett, RHP Jerry Dunn, RHP Dustin Nielsen, RHP Dan Sausville, LHP Craig Snipp, RHP Matt Zachary, C JB Tucker, INF Charles Jeroloman, INF Ben Tinius, OF Anthony Bennett, OF Sean Gamble, OF Larry Van Allen, RHP Beau Dannemiller, RHP Fontella Jones, LHP Tony O'Donnell, RHP Elliott Shaw, RHP Everett Stull, C Josue Gonzalez, INF Josh Colafemina, INF Mike Pierre, 1B Jose Velasquez, OF Chad Gabriel and OF Marcus Lewis.

September 5, 2007
New Haven: Exercised the 2008 option on the following players: LHP Bryan Brainer, LHP Mike Joyce, RHP Trevor Marcotte, RHP Matt Salvato, RHP Andy Weimer, C Matt Hackney, INF Matt Mercurio, INF Junior Zamora, OF Orlando Encarnacion, OF Henri Stanley, LHP Kevin Culpepper, RHP Bucky Kosyk, RHP Adam Piechowski, LHP Rolando Valles, C Mikalea Dworken, INF Thomas Koch, INF Chas Terni, OF Ervin Alcanatra, OF Jeremy Pickrel and OF Kevin Whiteside.
New Jersey: Activated RHP John Kelly and RHP Ryan Pacyna from the disabled list; Placed RHP Kevin Fitzgerald and LHP Demetrius Banks on the disabled list.
North Shore: Activated RHP Ryan Bicondoa and LHP Luis Arroyo from the disabled list; Placed LHP Joey Siak and OF John Welch on the disabled list.

DaveCo said...

First off,I am just gald to know that this blog and it's contributors will still be around. You guys are all amazing. =]
I like the idea of reliving the good ol days via pics,videos,& posts and love the idea of continuing "Who's Now" (finally). XD We should try to do some of those things soon.
As for the SOS effort,let's add links to the side and try to send out e-mails,ims and messages via myspace/facebook about it if we REALLY wanna get involved. =]

And as for the league next year.....if a team doesn't appear in the area by then,than I choose the Pride as my team to root for. They're a good team,have a great atmoshpere,and a bunch of the fans already know and embrace us. BUT I still say we go to a game & cheer on tyhe Grays if they exist next year XD
And I've already talked to a few of the guys (and their GFs) and some of them are sure to give us updates somehow if we don't track them down somehow,but i have a feeling that most of the guys will stay in the league.

DaveCo said...

oh and as for the reunions.......I love that idea.
We should definitly have a dinner together somewhere, sometime--I suggest Tony C's when it opens. And we should try to get a small group together and go to Rally Monday this year if possible for the sox. Just a few suggestions.

But what we should also do is designate a person to be a sort of organizer. The person that gathers contact info on everyone and then plans & reserves the times and such. Just a suggestion,and I'd be willing to do that currently.

eric said...

come to umass dartmouth!!

no takers? ok

bruins parties def gonna happen

Grant Salzano said...

and boston college women's hockey.

Anonymous said...

Please keep up on what happens to team players. I wish them all success in continued careers in baseball...somewhere.

ps The Sox are killing me. It's like getting kicked when you're already down.

Grant Salzano said...

i still can't decide if the sox are playing rope-a-dope or if they just dont care.

i refuse to believe that we would just get thumped by the yankees like this in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

First off guys, I want to thank you all for all the great times and posts that I have read on this blog, it has always been a good read. Also it is great to know that the Blog will stay active in the future with so many possible ways to keep it going.

Red Sox- Well thats an obvious focus we can go with, I mean all of us are fans, well except for Willy lol.

Reflections and Memories- Another easy one cause we all have so many great moments from games and the like.

Save Our Spirit- You bet we will try until we totally hear for sure that we are gone next year, we will get out there and promote the cause and try to save our team.

Who's Now- Ya got to continue this one Joe, was a lot of fun.

Reunions, Get Togethers- Hope its not just talk that we actually do get the opportunity to see each other on occasion, for a game whether its at BC, the garden or at another Can Am Park next year, but It will be a little easier to see some of you soon, with my new job putting me in Boston every weekday.

Can Am Focus- As Dave and I said the other day on the phone, we got to keep a major Can Am Focus cause you know the rest of the league knows about our site and to not continue this would be a mistake, but I also like Riley's idea for maybe adopting another team for us to throw our support behind, and I think Nashua would be the best choice in my honest opinion.

Keeping Track of our players- I definitely want to keep track of our favorites, cause we made a connection with them and would love to know what they do in the future.

Guys it was a great 5 year run with a lot of great moments and hopefully we as a group can have plenty more in person and here on the blog.

PS- Dave i second your notion as you as the contact man for any reunions/events

PPS- I'll come down and visit you at Umass Dartmouth Eric!

Grant Salzano said...

check out THIS awesome web site...

Jill said...

Hey Hey Everybody!

It's good to hear all of your voices on this blog. Keep talking!
DaveCo has my vote to be Julie McCoy Cruise Director for our get togethers. I've only met you all this year and I can't tell you how much you have all come to mean to me. It's been a great summer and I look forward to hearing from all of you. I'll send my email around so you all can send some photos!
Loving you Crazy Fraser Faithful...Jill "I'm with Dave."

Jill said...

Hi everybody!

I am missing the fact that I didn't get to see any of you yesterday at a game. I am really having a tough time with the thought of no more Spirit in Lynn. I know I've only been coming around this year, but you'll never know what you all have come to mean to me in such a short time.

DaveCo, I'll send you the info for Dave and I so we can all stay in touch.

All of you, be well.
Look both ways when crossing the street, hold the door for women who are older than you are and NEVER talk back to your mother. (I can't help it. I'm a mom.)

I really love you guys!


aka "I'm With Dave"

DaveCo said...

Ya Eric...we'll go to Dartmouth one day =]

As for the BC Women's hockey,I'm in for a game--that was fun last year.

And lol @ "DaveCo has my vote to be Julie McCoy Cruise Director for our get togethers." XD

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

I want to go to some reunions or something with you guys but I can't support any team except the Spirit and Red Sox. The lease on fraser Field doesn't run out until the end of Oct and Nick has until the league meeting on Oct. 7 to tell the league if he's coming back so this is NOT over. nick has exercised the option on the team and the mayor said he would renew the lease. My Grandma always said it's not over until the fat lady sings and I haven't heard a fat lady sing :)

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

Please post a link somewhere on the main page of your blog to my petitions. Pleeeassseeee. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon, we can read....

Anonymous said...

Nashua's fate still isn't certain. Of course I took advantage of the remarkable offer and exchanged my Game 2 ticket for a "2008 Pride season ticket." It is claimed to be a pass into the ballpark, though an actual seat requires money. In fact, it is a low-cost way to get on-the-edge Pride big spenders on a mailing list. And everything is contingent on Mr. Stabile raising $800,000 through the sale of limited partnerships, essentially selling half the Pride while retaining operational control. The Commissioner has delayed the fall meetings to see if this will work.

If it works, by all means come to Nashua next summer! and wear your Spirit jerseys! It is the quirkiest place in the league. "Fun is good," not because management says so, but because they let it happen--a Spanish lady shouts "Rocket Fire," other fans like me pick it up, and before you know it, it is on the message board and even team T-shirts.

Look for me just below the press box (as at Fraser) and I will introduce you to lots of people.


Anonymous said...

I was happy to see many of you for that final game, but sad not to join you for the Burger King post-game show again (I signed up for the fan-club bus but Rocket Fire needed a navigator down, and Cone Man drove me back to Nashua). Especially sad to have to cheer for the opponents, which shocked some adjacent fans. I was a Pride fan for all of the Spirit's life and five years before it, but usually did so in a different league.

The Spirit media people, Jonathan and John, not only did world-class jobs, and always had good information, but got real enjoyment out of the team and its fans. (The Pride's beat reporter, Tom King, will for months be eating crow over his final prediction, Spirit in Four.) And don't forget Bob Keaney, who started many of you on this path, which in any case hasn't ended. He pointed me toward the Women's League, where I hope to be working again next year, perhaps sometimes at Fraser.

Needless to say, I wouldn't have visited the Spirit 28 times this year to see Slugger, watch bench-clearing brawls, or even to follow the baseball progress of the team. It was you fans, at every level of derangement, that made it delightful. It was a more social experience than at the Pride, unless one joins an organized fan club--and even that could use some younger fans. Hope we meet again soon.


Joe Grav said...

Thanks, Spike - I really appreciate that.

We are delightfully zany, aren't we? :-p

We'll be up in Nashua next year for sure... hopefully.