Thursday, October 11, 2007


The ALCS starts tomorrow night.......Josh Beckett and C.C. Sabthia take the mound for the Sox & Indians.
Sabathia is 1-1 with a 2.35 ERA in his career at Fenway Park.
Beckett is 3-2 with a 1.74 ERA lifetime in the postseason.

I don't know about you guys--but I never liked the playoff broadcasters and wished I could still listen to Remy & Orsillo instead. I saw the comic belw and laughed--so I figured I'd share it...

IN OTHER NEWS: Jonathan Papelbon has won the DHL presents the MLB Delivery Man Of The Year....congrats Paps,you deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Uhm Dave...
Oh Daaaaaave.....
Series starts TOMORROW night.

Anonymous said...

Victoria asked me to update you on City Hall. Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. Victoria along with Randy, Joshua & Allyson Kummins from Malden and Bob Keaney went to give the petitions to the Mayor. The Mayor and his Chief of Staff were out of City Hall at a meeting, according to his secretary. The secretary said she doesn't believe the mayor received any phone messages or he would have returned Victoria's calls. Victoria explained she emailed his Chief of Staff several times as well and did not receive a reply. Victoria left the petitions and a "Save Our Spirit" button with the secretary. The secretary was very nice and wrote the kids names and phone numbers in a spiral bound notebook the mayor uses to log calls. She said he would get back to the kids-- but as of Thursday evening none of the three kids have heard from him. She is pretty disappointed Clancy didn't even bother to acknowledge receiving the petitions.

DaveCo said...

Ya,my bad. XD
I had a few people keep telling me today earlier when i wrote that,but I think they kept thinking of the,I don't know. And I've also been out of it the past two days. =p
Thanks for fixing it. ;-)

As for the SOS Petition--it sucks that the Mayor won't even acknowledge that she went through all that trouble. This guy really,REALLY sucks.

Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Guys - Let me elaborate on my story about Mayor Clancy. In October 2005, the Lynn Police broke into my house in conjunction with a citation from some DPW prick who noticed that I had put out my trash too early. I had done that because my wife was travelling and it was one less thing to do in the morning besides waking, feeding, dressing my children and walking my dog.

When my wife tried to call the Mayor about this, she was told he was too busy to speak to her, a Lynn property owner and taxpayer. She had called five times in one day before finally getting told that.

Now last month, when I sent an unsigned fax from the 703 area code, chastising him for his lack of support for the Spirit, I get a message that the Mayor of Lynn wants to speak to me. Now.

Well, I then proceeded to get berated for 10 minutes and given his spiel about all he did for the Spirit. Blah blah blah.

Take a step back, kids.

Now think about this.

Two years ago a Lynn citizen, complaining about the conduct of Lynn employees, the Mayor is "too busy." Last month, an anonymous person that was clearly from out of the state, gets a phone call almost immediately and spends 10 minutes talking to the Mayor.

Never have I been more sure or proud of my decision to leave the City of Lynn.

Grant Salzano said...

Who do you call when you're leadership's busted?


Anonymous said...

I received an email from Randy. Her children, who live in malden & went to City hall with Victroia, received a message on their answering machine from Clancy on Thursday but Victoria, who lives in Lynn, has not heard a word from her. The 3 kids left their names & phones at THE SAME TIME WITH THE SAME SECRETARY. Victoria is devestated. Not only is the North Shore Spirit gone but the mayor, who she has known since she was 4 years old, has not called her. I am furious. She deserves a little more respect than that even if she is a child.
Okay... I'm done rantning. Who's watching the game? We just ordered pizza & are settling in to watch it

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

Yeah Sox! We're gonna win this one easy. The Indians catcher stinks. Did you see how many balls he dropped in the third?

Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

I'm *shocked*

Now, how about a Letter to The Editor to the Lynn Item? Nothing wrong with using a little shame and embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Victoria is psyched-- She's convinced the Sox are going to sweep the Indians. We watched the game together last night & she was cheering so loud she lost her voice. She wants to try to get some of the Fraser Faithful including Dave, Joe, Joshua, Allyson etc. together to watch a game when we make it to the World Series-- I'll host it here & provide snacks if anyone is interested. I'm in Lynn about 1 mile from Fraser Field. I could pick anyone up coming from BOS at the Swampscott commuter rail. Disclaimer-- I only have a 17" TV--no high def. or anything here.
Anon #1

DaveCo said...

I don't know about a sweep,but i think we'll win the series

I like that idea--if possible I think I'd be able to go.

icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

Okay. No Sweep but I predict Sox in 5. It was weird watching Trot Nixon play for the Indians. I still have a Red Sox Trot Nixon shirt. And I think Dice-K is overpaid & not all that good. We could have bought 2 pitchers that are better for less money than we are paying him.