Thursday, October 11, 2007

Top 5 Videos....

I got bored and was also wondering.....which 5 Spirit videos I made this year were the best? This includes ads,games,and the jonathan brass bonanza video--basically everything somehow spirit related.

I made the thing up below and ordered them in the order I think is good.
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(It won't let me put a playable video player on the site =[)

HOWEVER,I want your guys' opinion on which were the Top 5 Spirit videos I made and which order they should be in. It's always better for people OTHER than the editor to grade their work. =]

Need to re-watch my videos? CLICK HERE and watch the ones that are Spirit-related....

ALSO: I started by oown blog! ^_^
Mainly cause I had to for class.....but I'll update that with stuff and things. =]


icesk8ingtrezzafan said...

My fave 5
1. Spirit Vs Nashua (July 26.07--Army Night/Hobson Ejection)
2. Spirit Vs Quebec FIGHT Video (6/23/07)
3. Spirit @ Grays (8-16-07)
4. LynnCAM 2007 Can-Am League Playoff Championship Ad
5.Spirit @ Brockton (July 14,07)

DaveCo said...!

Anonymous said...

I only saw the video with the fight, but that's got to have the greatest kick since Vinatieri's 48-yarder that beat the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. I laughed every time I saw it (Robinson's kick, not Vinatieri's)!! He had a better drop kick than most wrestlers!!

Jonathan Weiner

Anonymous said...

1 fight with Quebec
2 Lynncam ad for league Championship
Hobson blows up
4 road trip to B'ton
5 Jonathan "brass"


DaveCo said...

i find it interesting an ad was chosen over a hillarious tirade......but I'll take it. ^_^

I think I'll also put this post up on my blog (along with polls,if possible)

Anonymous said...

1. Spirit Vs Quebec FIGHT Video
2. Spirit Vs Nashua
3. Spirit @ Grays
4. 2006 Spirit highlight reel
5. Playoff Championship Ad

Anon #1

Anonymous said...

Tirades are overrated