Monday, February 04, 2008

Have you ever?

That was pretty bad. I'm kind of unfazed just because nothing can compare to 1) the ALCS in 2003 and 2) BC hockey losing the national title on a goal with 19 seconds left. I'm not as much sad or upset as I am stunned. Ya gotta love sports, even though they can be a b!tch sometimes.

It got me to thinking, though - where does this rank on your pantheon of sports heartbreaks?

I go: 1) ALCS '03, 2) BC Hockey '07, 3) Spirit going out of existence, 4) B's choking a 3-1 series lead to the Habs, 5) tonight.

I think. I must add honorable mention to: the Pats loss to Indy last year, BC football losing its perfect season against FSU then the ACCCG to VT, the Spirit's 3 game choke against the Jackals, and traveling to the MLS Cup with friends only to see New England lose.


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Doesn't crack my top five. It was an upset, sure, but the Giants DID outplay the Patriots. For true heartbreak, there has to be a fluke, or a prolonged period of overcoming long odds that suddenly goes very wrong

1) NYY-BOS 1-game playoff, 1978 -- Dent's 311' shot, Piniella's look-what-I-found-stab, Yaz popping out to end the game... Two facts that almost never get reported in discussing the 1978 season:
a) The Sox blew a 10-game lead in the divisional race, not 14
b) the Sox won eight straight to force the playoff

2) UMass-Kentucky, 1992 -- After making a ferocious run to pull within two at 70-68, a ticky-tack technical gives the Wildcats the breather they need to recover, ending a phenomenal comeback from as much as 13 points down.

3) Super Bowl XX -- No doubt about the outcome, but after becoming the first team to win three road playoff games to get there, it felt like the '85 Patriots would achieve what the '07 Giants did last night.

4) Spirit lose three straight in the '04 playoffs -- After losing their last seven regular-season games, and the two best pitchers in the league with less than a month to go, a streak of four straight road playoff wins left the Spirit with three chances to win one game... and they just couldn't do it.

5) 2003 Game 7, ALCS -- Never mind the multiple chances to go to the bullpen during the 8th, Little should not have deviated from his pattern in the previous 3 LCS wins of bringing in Timlin/Williamson in the 8th, then Kim in the 9th

Sparky said...

'71 B's blow a 5-1 lead vs. Habs, who score 6 goals in just over 6 mins. to win 7-5. OUCH!

DaveCo said...

In my lifeitme,these are definitly the top 5 for me:
1) I'm gonna have to agree and say the 03 ALCS was pretty heartbreaking.
2) The Spirit going out of existance and on losing note.......that still hurts.
3) The 04 Spirit losing in the playoffs.......that year we really had a good chance,they just couldn't win one game,which still hurts and perplexes me to this day.
4) Agreed with Joe's number 4.....I think the B's should have been able to winj that series against the Habs,but for some reason they choked
5) Super Bowl 42....even though it was more shock then heartbreak

Anonymous said...

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