Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just a frustrating night

Well, here we have it – tonight’s game really was a combination of all the factors that have made this season frustrating. Two baserunners gunned down in scoring position, untimely mistakes on the hill, an inning-ending double play just as the Spirit were beginning to rally, and the morphing of Davilla into Kennedy, Jr. It was a frustrating night at Fraser as the Spirit fell 5-2 to Brockton – meaning that the best the Spirit can muster against the 3rd-worst team in the league is an even split with a win tomorrow night at the House of Horrors.

To make things worse, we hit the triple crown – a pizza scream, Fraser Downs, and the tee-shirt toss, all in one night. The good news was, we heard what an enthusiastic crowd of 2,200 CAN sound like……. for anything but actual baseball.

The game got away early --- falling behind 2-0 is usually too much to overcome for this offense, but once the Rox got off to a 5-0 lead, it really was over. In a theme that has been constant throughout his starts this year, Spirit hurler Josue Matos cruised through his first 2 2/3 innings but started to lose it after that. He squeaked his way out of a 3rd inning jam unharmed, but the warning signs were there: Matos was fading.

Matos walked the bases loaded to start the top of the 4th and by this point the 7 or 8 people in attendance paying attention to the game were getting antsy and calling for Vic to at least get someone warming up in the ‘pen. Tony Gonzalez then ripped an RBI single to make it 1-0 Brockton and suddenly the Rox were threatening to put up a huge inning; finally, McNamara began warming up. One more run came in on the inning before a slick play by Jerson Perez started a 6-4-3 inning-ending double play, limiting the damage… Matos escaped further trouble and at that point, should have been taken out of the game.

He was sent back in for the 5th, however, and right then and there I knew it was over. I turned to my partner in crime, Dr. Sparky, and said “Look who’s out there to fall on his sword… good ol’ Josue #2. It’s over now.”

He gave up two singles to start the inning, which led me to think, well, he was left in too long, but hopefully Robinson can come in and escape the jam.

But Matos was left in still, after about 2 innings of struggles, and it finally came back to really, really burn the Spirit – Jason Radwan blasted a 3-run homer to make it 5-0 Rox. With this lineup, that means one thing: o-v-a, ovahhh.

The Spirit finally got some offense going off of Rolando Viera in the 8th. Mike Torres smoked an RBI single which plated Gary Roche, making the score 5-1 and putting runners on the corners with 1 out. Luis Lopez promptly swung at the first pitch from a struggling Viera and grounded into an inning-ending 6-4-3 double play ---- one of the most frustrating moments of the season, surely. I’m glad I have this two-hour or so buffer zone of travel time before blogging, because at the moment I was very upset.

Observations –

1. I think it’s time for everyone named “Josue” and everyone named “Lopez” to go. Package every Josue and every Lopez for Oglesby and de Vries for all I care.

2. Also, Vic needs to return to his proactive style that he showed earlier in the season. This was surely the most frustrating managerial performance of the season.

3. Of course, ideally, we really need Vic to get back in the lineup. In place of Luis Lopez. Now. This lineup is mediocre at best. Have we even had any big comeback wins this year? There was a point in each of the last few seasons where we would have a big 4, 5, 6 run comeback seemingly once every week.

4. This team really looks lethargic. Obviously, more importantly, they just aren’t hitting. But there’s something to be said for the general feeling of lethargy surrounding the team… all of the players, the fans, the owner, the staff, Slugger, the ushers, EVERYONE--- with the exception of Spirit Dance Team Superstar and ace intern Kristen Mooney (Revere High School ’05… I guess I can forgive her for going to sUeConn ’09), who turned in a grade-A performance atop the dugout. It seems like everyone is just playing out the string right now. That is a disturbing trend.

In other news –

Apparently, Bryan Morse has been suspended by the team after various disputes, the nature of which I am basically unaware of. I’m not sure what the whole story is and I don’t want to speculate. All I know is, don’t expect to see Morse on the hill any time soon…


Anonymous said...

Knock Knock.....

Vic's hook is broken apparently along with his spectacles for he was the only one in attendance to not see that Matos had lost the edge. Too late after a three run blast though for the homwtown boys to make up the dreaded 5 run disadvantage.
The situation w/ Brian Morse is troubling as it leads one to think some of the old shenanigans atop the Mgmnt. tree are back in full splendor. It is frustrating to use the 4th Veteran spot on Matos and his 1 pitch repertoire; I'd rather see Vic in the lineup for some potential POP.
The lineup changes seem to keep coming with no clear-cut batting order that will produce.

See Y'all in Brockton, maybe we can salvage a split and keep some respectability.

Anonymous said...

dear spirit mgmnt,
suck it

that is all.

Anonymous said...


Suspended sounds alot like keeping Morse away from other teams potentially getting their hands on him. More back room manuevering goin' on?.
Can You imagine Brian going to Brockton and teaming up with Old Pal John Kelly?, that would be a HUGE feather in the ROX' cap and wouldn't they have a real shot at making and winning in the playoffs.
Everything we see looks more and more like a team looking for a way out... of the season, out of town, out of the CanAm league... damn shame.

Anonymous said...

His B.C. roots notwithstanding, can we now call the Jared McGuire... (McCracken, McDougal McGuillicuddy or whatever his name is) experiment a dismal failure?.He looks overmatched in virtually every AB and his .143 avg. just ain't cuttin' it. 3, count em', 3 hits? c'mon, the boys gotta' go.

CCBL has some good YOUNG talent, but it IS NOT Pro-tested talent.

Anonymous said...


Joe Grav said...

I would agree with you on McGuire, but who are we going to get to replace him???

Unless we figure out a way to bring Blakely back. [shrug]

Batting him leadoff was stupid.

Anonymous said...

Blakely STILL leads trhe team in H.R.'s.
Hmmmmm...... Imagine that.

That's all I'm sayin'.


DaveCo said...

McGuire is cheap.
Nick wants cheap.

He's staying.

If getting rid of people after a week were the case MANY people would've been gone by now based on a week's performance.

Anonymous said...

Where is he?
Not playing him seems to be working now doesn't it.

Many people HAVE been let go after only a week, some after less than 1 inning pitched. Remember Warpinski?. I'll wager McGuire isn't long for the team......

wooden said...

Umm, Warpinski? You've got to be kidding me. What part of letting him go after walking the bases loaded then uncorking FIVE (5) wild pitches was unfair?

Anonymous said...

My point was NOT that it was unfair, but that it was appropriate in that and in other cases as well.